Lid on 2018 - have we gone to soon? Nervously hanging out for Friday

What about a stimulated ladder?


Spot on, we’ll lose the clearances in the middle and around the ground probably 90% of the games and that will be the difference.

Could we get slone!!! Just tell him we are building a wave park next door

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We all hoped to see SOME improvement as the game went on but nope, not a glimmer. We had 2 goals from Saad & Smith after a few minutes - it was a nightmare from that point on. After half time there was at least some hope that maybe Richmond might drop off but again no, they played the same way & we offered absolutely no resistance of any recognisable form. Again that is what was most disappointing & its what I & other have criticised Woosha for in the past. There was no visible plan B or even a plan A part 2 just a deer in the headlights pathetic non contest. I know its only Feb & I know that we lost Zerrett & Hep went off & Hurley didn’t play etc etc. The result was not the issue. What I saw last year was a team that was too easily scored against & so when our forward line didn’t fire we lost. What I wanted to see from the JLT & what I believe more than anything we needed to see from an improvement perspective was a more defensive structure & mindset. I wanted to see at least some evidence of a team that were cohesive & well drilled. I wanted to see a gameplan that wasn’t kick it long & HOPE JD/Hooker can mark or that Tippa, Raz or Green can crumb. What I saw was disorganised panic & the same absence of a defensive mindset that is all too familiar.


You’re basing this on one JLT performance?

My simulation has Collingwood a 0.00% chance of finishing fifth, rather than it being their equal most probable placing.

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It is the lid on thread I guess. I try not to come here…

That Arc ELO ranking still has a little bit of 2016 stink on it, though we did drag our ranking to above average in round 22 of last year.

It also makes zero attempt to account for changes to teams.


Vander Haar would have jumped on Rances head.


Due to recent setbacks and until further notice, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off.


Raz out for 4 weeks, another with the “interrupted preseason”

let me guess, it was something we tried to “manage”, it didnt get better and now he is going in for surgery?

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The Fanta-sy is over

I don’t think we will make the top 8
last year we made the top 8 with no injuries and an easy draw.
I have Melbourne and the bulldogs ahead of us.

Sydney, Gee, Rich, Adel, Port, GWS, Dees, Dogs
for mine

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I think we will weather we do any damage in finals remains to be seen,

When it reins it poors.


Raz sent me.


Terry Wallace says we will win 11 games. Thats taking each game and predicting a guaranteed win, guaranteed loss and allowiing 50% of the “too close to call” Games to fall our way.

Last year i predicted 14 wins based on an even simpler game by game analysis, which was close to the mark except forCarlton and Brisbane.

Using the Wallace methodology I come up with 10 wins no definite losses and 12 50 50 games, so we probably drop 2 of the definite wins (as usual) so thats 6 plus 6 is 12 wins again, Make an allowance for variation i n performance in the 50-50 games, thats 10 to 14 games.

Edit (arithmetical error)

I predict that it all comes down to confidence and momentum.

If we pull off a win against Adelaide and Freo away…we will be off on flying.

Already we would have 2 wins in the bank! And from there we could build something special.

If we start the the year 0-3 or 0-2, doubt creeps in, there"s selection change, and you just get that spread through a young team like herpes…

I seriously believe our start is everything this yr.


get over to lid off and get around us!


More like Tullamarine gastro.

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