Lid on 2018 - have we gone to soon? Nervously hanging out for Friday

It’s not a gameplan we’ve gone to in two years. It’s not a gameplan we’re going to use at any point this year either. It would be a supreme waste of time.

I strongly disagree that it would be a waste of time but I concede that defending hasn’t been a priority for Woosha. What we saw yesterday was a supreme waste of time. If you somehow believe that having the same gameplan destroyed for 4 qtrs is productive then again we will have to disagree.

It was like the Sydney final re-visited - Richmond took control from halfway through the first quarter because the team failed miserably with aerial balls.

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It was.

Didn’t the team say they would take lessons from that loss and use it during the summer? I saw no evidence or any slight improvement from that final.

edit- I ■■■■■■ hope it was the Gastro and key players missing that casued that performance.


…and, you know, flags.

…with apologies to Rod Stewart (Maggie May)

Wake up Bombers I think I got something to say to you
From late December your lack of improvement has been just cruel
I know you can sometimes amuse but I feel I’m being used
Oh Bombers you could have tried a lot more

You lured me to Wangaratta just to see you play clunk and clatter
You’ve stolen my heart and that’s what really hurts

Your lack of run when you’re meant to have pace really makes me rage
And that really worries me mum when it’s your everything
I ignored all the Tiger fan jokes, my support you didn’t need to coax
Oh, Bombers you could have tried a lot more

You lured me to Wangaratta , just to watch that awful clunk and clatter
You stole all my hard earned and that’s a pain I can do without


You gotta stick with your game plan you have practic s all pre-season, these JLT games are for that too improve it and trial things.

We know what Richmond do and they haven’t changed their game plan by the looks, their defensive running and getting numbers to the ball was same as last year.

We have to stay the course, it might take 5 rounds but I believe in Worsfold and what they are trying too implement

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Plus of course we were playing against drunken fuckwits so it was a fair fight. That probably sums up the club for the last 15 years - the comp got professional & we were left behind still drinking from past glories.

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Adelaide have lost nothing in the midfield. Actually they’ve improved with the addition of Gibbs. Their depth this preseason is super impressive indicating a real collective belief at where they sit in the comp. Adelaide will be a hard nut to crack round 1.

Freo are showing reasonable signs this preseason. Defensively their game plan is solid + Fyfe is back. Round 2 will be a challenge mainly because Essendon are playing interstate and Freo are playing their first home game at their new stadium.

It is not beyond the realms that Essendon start the year with 2, 7+ goal losses. Essendon’s preseason to date has done nothing to alleviate lingering concerns about their mental toughness and midfield quality. They’re not playing like a team who believe …


Not having paid close attention to each individual player; I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a number of individual things that improved as it went on. Just not enough (with the side we had on the park) to alter the bigger picture

Adelaide’s midfield will be genuinely scary this year. People talk about Geelong’s big three but Adelaide have Sloane, the Crouch brothers, Gibbs and a group of great of role players that all go pretty well. Plus the big sauce serving them on a plate.

Will be a good test of where we are at.

Hopefully its not 61-33 I50s again.

They’ll be pretty stung too by their very meek showing in the gf, Richmond embarrassed then at the contest on that day much in the same way that they embarrassed us on Saturday.

Our fixture doesn’t read half as well as it did before Saturday


Agreed. If they don’t come out snarling in round one I’ll be very surprised. Unfortunately I think we will be up against it- a proper bout of norovirus isn’t a one week recovery prospect for elite athletes, it will have some residual impacts on peak performance.

Better now than in September though.

Crows rd 1
Freo rd 2 (Perth)
Dogs rd 3

Could eaisly go 0-3 on that performance club has a lot of work to do.


Our midfield is just not good enough at the moment.
It’s all just ‘hope’.

We are ‘hoping’ McGrath cuts it as a mid this year.
We are ‘hoping’ Stringer cuts it as an inside mid.
We are ‘hoping’ Myers doesn’t get injured and has a better year than last year.
We are ‘hoping’ Parish spends more time in the middle and really steps up.

The fact is, we actually NEED this to happen if we are going to be anywhere near the top 6 this year.
It’s pretty clear when you compare midfields.

I think my lid is pretty on-ish.


Wish the game was at the MCG I would feel more comertable beating the Crows there.

Essendon is going to be utterly demolished in 2018

Vs Richmond just saw the difference between a group with cohesion and heart to play for each other and the very opposite of it in the red and black.

So many walking/jogging players left their mates completely hung out to dry over and over and over again.

Same ■■■■ for 15 years. Maybe 2 on the list shepherd, maybe 2 on the list gut run to provide options for people coming out of HB.

We play teams with 80 to 100% of their players giving 100% effort, and we get entire hours of football where every player turns into a complete retard.

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The Adelaide seating is pretty comfy.
I wouldn’t let that stop you.

Projected ladder courtesy of the arc. The only teams below us are rubbish