LID ON 2018 - lacking the grunt to open the jar

I like the recruits don’t get me wrong.

Still a side that can’t win its own footy at a stoppage to save itself.

The 3 new guys don’t change a side enough to prevent a Sydney/Geelong/GWS or even ■■■■■■ Richmond destroying us in September.

Knights footy doesn’t win flags.


Ummmm, … lol?

Sorry, . there’s just no way I can get behind any negativity at this point.


We still lack a truly elite (Martin, Dangerfield) player to put us over the top.

And don’t say “player x will be in three years”. I’m talking next year.

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But… But Langford spent all year in the VFL honing his midfield craft!!!


But Dangerfield whilst elite hasn’t delivered a premiership.

I don’t reckon the Doggies had anyone of Dusty’s class either … The Bont is good but not in the Dusty/Danger class at this stage.

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Well, ya see…justplaylongyallyearintheonesandstringerfulltimemidand

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I’m filthy we didn’t seem to be into rockliff, would be a great addition that tides over the midfield until our new recruits are ready, whilst also adding a ■■■■ tonne of ball winning ability with a bit of defensive accountability, something that jobe, dyson, and myers were unable, or incapable of providing.

How about we wait and see the team play first? We have a different coach in charge, two new players who can theoretically go through the midfield, one of which in Stringer who, with the right attitude, could become that explosive inside player. The younger brigade will hopefully be getting the time in the middle, who in turn should be much better equiped to win stoppages and if not win them, apply actual defensive pressure to limit the effectiveness of the oppositions clearance. I’m not saying problem solved, but there is more reason to be positive than negative at this stage.

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He single handedly got them through the season to a Prelim.

The other name I mentioned absolutely won his team a premiership.

Without danger, and to a lesser extent selwood, geelong get nowhere near the top 8.

their clubs a basket case and the sooner the rest of the industry realises it the better it will be for it. They’ll make finals for as long as danger is firing but they won’t win a flag.

I agree with Lloyd in that the team needs to be more defensive this year. What happens when they don’t have the ball has been as much of any issue as failing to win the ball at clearances and stoppages. Whatever rolling zone we were using needs to be improved because teams (and not just the good ones) where finding it too easy to get through. It was really frustrating watching teams short pass from our forward 50 to theirs.

I would also like to see them increase their disposal efficiency. So many turnovers during the 2017 season that ended with opposition goals.

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Begley, Parish and Heppell will be our inside mid team for 2018

Believe That.

Takes more than SSS to get rid of Essssssington.

Fully expect to start being excited in May about our top 5 pick in the super draft.


Yep… there are still questions about us.

Can we break-even in the clearances.

Are we quick enough and agile enough to apply defensive pressure across the ground.

Can we take an intercept mark in defense.

Can we improve our goal-kicking accuracy.

Can we build complexity into our gameplan that makes it difficult for the opposition to stop… especially kick-ins.


FKN gloomers…


My attitude looking in this thread is the same as looking at Fark Carlton on big footy. Take a look and see what a miserable bunch muppets are moaning about.



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For me the greater issue this season was midfield pressure, clearances after that.

With our recruiting we’re going to have a lot more zip around the ball, and that will greatly enhance our ability to exert pressure. That’s issue one ticked off.

As for clearances, we should improve in that area too, though I think it’s been overstated as a deficiency.

We lose Watson, but as a collective we’ll have a midfield group that bats deeper, has more pace, and which adds in Stringer, who is a dynamic clearance player when on song. Add in Heppell, who is capable, and Parish, who was underused, as well as Langford, and potentially McGrath, Smith and possibly Mutch, etc, and it’s a capable group.

We’ll much better able to capitalise on our clearance wins because we now have the pace we were lacking to take the ball away from the contest (and dispose of more efficiently). And, just for the record, Hawthorn won flags despite being beaten for clearances - it’s not the be all and end all it was 5 years ago.


LOL at the continual mention of Langford in to replace Watson.

Can just see it now, Langford crashing through the pack with high intensity and great awareness -
end delusion.

Lid well and truly ON as long as this is the case.

SS Ington.

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