Lid ON 2024. A wake up call ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Put negative stuff here and hope you are all ok.


5 goal loss this week, bye, 3 goal win v wce, wheels will fall apart after that


Is that ok?


Stop being so positive. This is the lid on thread.

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I treat every thread like the lid on thread.


We will only beat Fark Carlton by 5 goals this week… Club is ■■■■■■ we should be beating them by 10. Why can’t we put ■■■■ sides away.

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Jumped the shark on lid on.



We’re a completely middling average side.

All got sucked in because of a couple of good quarters against Bulldogs and Giants sides we luckily got during their biggest rut of the year and catching fire against Collingwood for 5 minutes and then holding on for dear life for a draw because Elliott can’t take chest marks.

We’ll finish 7th and lose by 8 goals in an EF to Freo.

Same old Essington.


This does seem like how it’s going to go. I’ve resolved myself to the fact that we will tumble down the ladder come the second half of the season. I’m quite glad I didn’t get too carried away with our ladder position. We are playing a better brand of footy but our ongoing injury woes mean we won’t be able to run out the season.


How many of us thought we would be second at this part of the year?
Sure if we lose this week then could be a downward spiral. But should likely wait to see result of blues match. If we win we are likely seen as a contender.
And like Pies /blues have got it done with a long injury list.
The top 8 sides with barely any injuries are the swans. Having 2 byes early has given them advantages in managing squad.
Fremantle back to a short injury list
Cats 4 injuries but 3 best 22 players.
Suns only missing Weller and Witts

GWS, Blues & Us smashed
Port are about average.
Plus pies outside 8.

That’s not very lid on.


We are potentially only 1 week away from being lid on around here.
Talking to efc fan today, suns loss, was a loss, but didn’t get blown away and had a chance to win.
This week is almost like a mini final.
Playing top 8 side
arch enemy
under dog
injuries mounting
sold out match

Fans don’t know if it will be Essendon or Essington that turns up.
It’s season defining

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My thoughts are:

  • We are far surpassing my expectations
  • We deserved to win most of the games we did win
  • We cannot expect the same number of wins from here onwards by playing the way we have so far this season
  • The ladder flatters us
  • We have played some sides during their respective slumps, which has inflated our perception of how good we are (GWS, Bulldogs games)
  • Our fitness/injuries spell an ugly 2nd half of the season
  • We have probably spent all our tickets too early like last year
  • Teams will be more mentally amped up to beat us in the 2nd half of the year, thanks to our ladder position and relatively high level of respect around the competition

I think most teams are mentally amped to beat us because we are flaky. That’s why we get pushed by 17th and 18th ranked teams.
Until we can start ■■■■■■■ burying teams, we aren’t going to lose the stigma that we are extremely, extremely beatable no matter the situation or ladder position.
We need an aura, we need to instill the feeling that teams probably get playing Pies/Cats/Swans.
We don’t have the aura of “good luck beating us”
Our aura is “We can drop our bundle pretty spectacularly if we’re challenged”

2nd obviously flatters us. I think our list is just okay and 6th-10th is probably about right.
6th being the absolute best I think we can hope for this year.
We’re a season or three off the finished product, and I’m still unsure the finished product will be remotely good enough for a tilt, let alone some finals wins.
But it’s an A+ for the squad so far. 2nd on the ladder coming up to the bye is outrageous.


Second on the ladder doesn’t mean second best team. Stats point to us being a mid table team

However, we have improved on last year which was an improvement on the prior year. Been a long time since Essendon has shown growth over multiple years. We are normally the yo-yo side

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Its upside down Miss Jane!

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Yeah in the top 6 before the bye. It’s not like we’ve been here before.


The lid on for me is we only have five more Marvel games (St.Kilda, WCE, Gold Coast, Sydney, Crows).

Our performances at Marvel this year

Ave Points for: 89
Ave Points against: 66

4W-0L 135.5%

Injuries are gonna fark us again.