Lid ON 2024. A wake up call ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Still top 4 Woo Hoo

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The upside is both Port and Carlton results are not in my memory.

I missed most of the suns game too.

Ill watch West Coast live in full. Hopefully our mojo is back


I’ve already decided. After years of family high mark no HM membership next year. Just a four game flexy for continuation.

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Obviously the purple flog read Blitz!

Read this Purple

Should that be in the Lid Off thread?

The reason why they are in 12-18 is because we crushed them.

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What is this “crushing” of which you speak?


How many players has Scott actually given a debut to since he took the job.

I can only think of 3

Are there any others?

I think that’s it.
Having said that, the only blokes on the list who haven’t debuted who you could mount any case for at all are Roberts and Hayes.

I don’t think the lack of debuts is really an issue at all. I think the only bloke really hard done by has been Bryan

We win only against 12-18 teams(inc melbourne assuming that pushes them 12th or worse)

Well we finish with 12 1/2 wins and prob snag finals.

Okay I have done the ladder predictor and I can’t see Carlton making finals. Especially when I decide they lose every game. Mathematically they can no longer make it. Essendon will win.


If thats lid on?

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LOL. c–ton have won more finals and spoons than we have finals in the last 20 years. Highly unlikely they won’t win one this year.

I’m ready for them packing it in.


We were farking terrible yesterday, with the exception of 5 players. Duz, Caldwell, Merrett, Laverde and Stringer.

We are going into games too tall and are getting pantsed when the ball is turned over. Then I hear we want to bring Goldy back in FFS. I don’t get why Setterfield was dropped and why Menzie was sub.

We are 3rd on the ladder, which is far higher than I thought we would be, and we are coming up against a cats and Dees team that are really struggling, so we should win those games, but I’m concerned that we will go out in straight sets in finals again, because we don’t know how to finish teams off.

Tell me what’s happened the last 2 AFL games Setterfield has played ?
Actually, it’s probably 3.

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Okay, I’ll give you the answer.
He’s ended up limping around in the Seniors in the games coming back from injury, more than once.

How can you say you don’t understand ?
The answer is simple !
Maybe, the selectors wanted to see him get thru a full game.

OK, so then why play him in the VFL?

Because THEY WANT TO SEE IF HE CAN GET THRU A GAME at the lower level, before compromising rotations in the senior team.

C’mon buddy.
This stuff isn’t hard to figure out.
I know I’m turning into a complete fkn c*ckbag on here, but you guys make it tough.

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