List needs for 2020

Now that that the excitement of the Shiel trade has come down from the giddy levels of the last few days, my attention turns to the balance of the squad and how are we really placed for a tilt at the flag.

First, the midfield finally appears to be well stocked. Good balance, A Grade players amongst young up coming talent with a mix of different skillsets. Players like Parish and Langford only have further upside. Shiel, Help, Zac, all class. Zaka will get the leather so long as he stays fit.

Forward line, reliant on a fit Joe and Raz in order to be considered top notch. Throw in Stringer, Walla, Smack, Brown, Laverde, Stewart plus Begley and Guelfi as the youngsters we have a good balance however the glaring hole is the small forward who can provide intense pressure. I actually rated Baguley in this position and he won’t be readily replaced.

For me the key concern are the KPD positions in our back line. Hooker for mine is our most valuable player. Best mark in the team (if not the comp) and versatile as well. He was a key part of our defensive strengths however will be the wrong side of 30. Hurley for mine had a less than ideal year and is not at the same elite level. Another player who in the next few years will diminsh in importance as he gets older. Our smaller stocks are well placed, with the likes of Redman, Connor, Saad, Gleeson etc.

Is Hartley the obvious replacement for Hooker? Clearly not. Then who is? Hurley’s replacement? That depends on the type of role Hurley plays. We can cover his rebound and playing as a loose man on the back line however his man on man duties is where we again fall short.

There is a very long thread on this in the drafting and recruiting forum.

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