Local Cricket 2023/24

A grade was in a spot of bother today at 5/74 with our gun batsman on 14 off 26 at that stage. He was the last bloke out for 192 off 125 at we reached 260. With 20 overs to play in the day he then opened the bowling and picked up one of the openers in a very sharp spell. Got them 4/60 at stumps.
B grade have won on the first day, knocking the opposition over for 102 and being 6/146 at stumps.
Our C’s and D’s both play in one day comps and both won by a stack

We bowled on Saturday and bowled and fielded really well. We got them all out for 150. I got 1/12. We had to bat for 10 overs and ended up 1/40. I was 19 not out and starting to see them really well. Unfortunately I can’t play next week so we are really 2/40 but should get the runs. It was god to be back out there after we had to forfeit last game.

Got put up to A Reserve, we batted first and managed to get 176, all out in the 45th over. Batted 4 and made 21, another start and frustratingly failed to convert. Feel like I’m hitting them OK. We were never seriously in the hunt as our home ground is getting 250+ scores being posted regularly. They passed us 5 down with 10 overs to spare. We lack some steadiness and a bit of cutting edge with the ball. One of our most promising juniors took 3-for and his 2nd spell was great. He’s quite quick but is often too pre-occupied in trying to dig it in short and bounce batters out. Skipper asked him to bowl full and at the stumps and he responded after being hit a bit early. Encouraging.

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My fifth short game in 6 weeks today.

We play 12.30 - 6.10 at 45 overs per side at this stage of the year.

3 games have not made it to tea time (change of innings), 2 have scraped to 4pm and one went 88.1 overs.

Today was the first game on turf for one of the teams, and it showed. All out 63 in 23 overs. The other team went past 1 ball into the 10th over.

And in Div 1, Port Fairy bowled Merrivale out for 48, and went past with none down.

These aren’t unpredictable pitches…good bounce and a bit of sideways movement.

Our 1’s play 75 overs each in 2 dayers and we knocked the opposition over inside 30 overs today but both skippers decided to pull stumps. We have a major function on tonight and one of the opposition players have their 21st so a gentlemen’s agreement to call it early rather than us have some batting practice.
The 2’s won outriight after only 2hrs today so an early day for them too.
The 3’s and 4’s are in the One day comp and will both win comfortably but still not going to end until after 6 at earliest

Our 2-dayers start after Christmas…in Divs 1 and 2 only. White clothes, red balls. Aafter not having 2-dayers last season, and only 2 or 3 the Covid-affected year before.

Divs3 and 4 are 40 overs a side one-days on hard wickets only. Top 2 division are mostly turf, but some hard wicket, particularly in October. Turf only started in October on select pitches - Terang, Port Fairy, Mortlake.

Our comp starts with 3x two day games then 7x one day games and finishes with 4x 2 day games in the top 3 grades.
Div 1 and Div 2 are for A grade only and are all turf.
D3 is for clubs B grades and is the same format as the D1 & D2 but only 65 overs in the 2 dayers and is a mix of turf and hard wicket
D4 & D5 are one day comps, 40 overs per side mixed between turf and hard wicket

The Div 1 also has a in season finals for one dayers and whilst the points table for the season is combined there is a seperate table for one dayers only aswell and the top 4 sides play in a semi and then final on Sundays after Round 10.
We also have a midweek T20 comp which is a knockout comp

Our 2s had a bloke hit a triple century against them yesterday.

302 off 178 balls - 30 x 4s 17 x 6s

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Geez that’s brutal for the fielding team, just pure hell picking the ball off the rope time and time again

Thought I’d chime in with some under 12’s action. Wannabe Jnr plays for Cheltenham in the Sunday comp, where batters get retired after x amount of balls (maybe 15 or 30) if they don’t get out but can return later in the innings once the other batters have batted. The other week he ended up 67no off 103 balls, ably assisted by a mate with a Cummins-esque innings of 12 off 60 balls. They had to bat out the last 10 overs with no wickets in hand which was a great effort.
Anyway his run-count after today’s effort of 8no from 15 (not showing in his PlayHQ stats yet) is 120, still yet to be dismissed but he will have a whopping average when he does!
I’ve told him to enjoy it while it lasts as no doubt he will go through some rough patches like some of his mates.

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Had a win yesterday, but we had to work harder than we should’ve to secure the points. Batting first we made a mammoth 289 off our 45 overs, yet at the halfway point the opposition were ahead of the rate. But we pulled them back with a good block of 10 overs that went for less than 30 and that basically won us the match, and they ended up on 260 at the compulsory close. I missed out on the run fest (1), as it happens sitting down and watching a long partnership didn’t help. Got a straight one from a fairly quick offie that knocked my off-stump out the ground after he’d bowled 3 successive wides. Hopefully next week I’m back amongst it.

One of the regular Div 1 guys got crook, so I ended up doing the local Div 1 on my own.

Most of the Warrnambool games only lasted 3 or 4 overs, except on the western side of town. We had no rain in Port Fairy till about the 40 over mark. It wasn’t enough to go off until about the 5 over mark…about 3.35, and it rained lightly but steadily for about an hour. Both sides have to have at least 25 overs available to them, so we needed 20 more overs, 70 minutes.

By about 4.45, the rain had stopped completely, so we took the covers off, put the stumps back in, and calculated the DLS scores (the new PlayHQ system calculates it all, but it has other shortcomings with rain-interrupted games.

Port Fairy ended up with 22.1 more overs and 93 runs to make, which they knocked over with 3.4 overs to spare. The import Pom, from Cambridgeshire, is pretty slippery as an opening bowler and a pretty good opening bat…made 64*.

This was the first time in 6 years that we’ve returned to the field to play. Naturally the bowling team didn’t want to go back, but the ball being slippery isn’t an accepted reason. No-one was slipping over. Every previous time, it’s been too heavy to continue.

We got a full day in. The rain went around us.

We only had 9 this week and won the toss and batted. I opened and was the first wicket to fall. I was seeing them really well and got a good one and was out for 20. We scrapped our way to 140 and had 15 overs to bowl at them and they went pretty hard and ended up 2/120. At least we will have 11 in the field this week and hopefully it rains.

We got rained off. For to play Sunday and the overnight rain did us in. We had a Welcome to Country/smoking ceremony at the ground after the Saturday games and no sooner had that finished than it absolutely chucked it down. When we put the covers away Sunday lunchtime the deck was OK aside from one damp patch, but it was the areas adjacent to the wicket block that were saturated and pooling, so never a chance of getting on.

I’m assuming everyone in Melbourne have been called off. Our association have made no announcement so we have to report to the grounds. What a waste of everyone’s time.

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We got called off at 10 this morning. Still have to go down to the club later on to take the pitch covers off. :weary:

Surprised to hear that. We had a full day all across the region.

Warrnambool Gift was on today at Reid Oval, so my game was relegated to the school har-wicket in the middle of the precinct.

Very windy again, but Nirranda batted first. One very loose unit on each side, and Loose Unit #2 dropped Loose Unit #1 first ball of the game and was made to pay. Made 65 with some lusty blow. They got 9/254 off their 45 with some very slick stunping work from the Nestles keeper.

Loose Unit #2 opened for Nestles with their keeper, he made 15, keeper 40 odd. Nirranda’s opening bowler is a Geordie, and very slippery. Bowled a couple of guys first ball, but couldn’t get the hattrick. Bit of last wicket resistance but they fell short by 60 runs.

I had the second round of the T20 comp last night, up at Winslow for a game between Dennington and Spring Creek (the creek connects the two towns that merged, Woolsthorpe and Mailors Flat.

The main thing to report is that the pitch runs north-south which means you should play twilight matches there. At over 13 in the second innings, the sun started to get low enough to be right in the batters’ eyes and they asked if we could bowl all the overs from the other end. The bowler bowling over 14 was gentle medium pace - took 3-0. The Dennington captain then conceded that they’d bowl the rest from the other end - for all 8 balls that they needed to finish it off.

Dennington skipper is a key forward for South Warrnambool, so I asked him about Luamon Lual and George Stevens. He really just said they were both great kids.

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Gonna be one of those annoying “report to grounds” days where you know you’re gonna either have the game called off there, or the match will be interrupted heavily because of rain that’s forecast. Playing at one of the grounds at Fawkner Park today too, so parking adjacent to the ground is an absolute ■■■■■…