Local Cricket Thread 2018/19


Are you that bowler? Mate, i’m guessing you don’t have the captains hat because you’re busy? Pretty awkward though. Just captain by proxy on the day without all of the stuff outside of game time.


Lol yep I am that bowler…very very salty bowler…Christ he told me not to warm up with the bowlers? I need to vent and I won’t do it at the club…just keep my mouth shut and smile
My wife and I just had twins so i can’t commit to doing the role properly and I’m going to miss a few games. Thought I’d do the right thing and pass the baton on.


And the guy was asking you for advice on the field? Weird. I’d put pride aside and just say “I reckon I might be able to crack through a couple of these blokes”. Nothing to lose there mate. Congrats on the babies too mate. You must be exhausted.


Yep very weird indeed…i did mention a couple of times I was ready to go, but nothing. He waited until they had passed our score before asking me if I wanted a trundle. I politely refused, should have told him to stick it.

Thanks, absolutely but worth it a million times over


Been a while since I’ve done the midnight gauntlet with babies. Gotta say, I miss it. It’s hard work but it’s the most rewarding thing you’ll ever experience. Then they grow up and keep blowing your mind all over again.

Cricket clubs are funny things. You love them because they’re like a second home. Then something stupid happens with the admin and it’s irritating. I’d talk to the president if it keeps happening. Better yet, maybe just talk to the new captain over a beer or after a game and say you want a bowl. Middle of the innings. Whatever. Put your case forward. He’s already asking for your advice. You don’t have to necessarily disrupt his strategy. Most of that is the start and end of the innings anyway.


Definitely hard work, but every smile, fart, burp makes it worth it. I want them to stay this way for as long as possible…cherish every moment.

The chairman is my best mate and I’m the vice chairman so words have already been spoken. I don’t think he will captaining the side again (he was the acting captain with leadership aspirations…not while I’m on the committee lol)
I know I’m got to bowl like I did when I was skipper, but Jesus not bowling at all. Rubbish

I bowl boring, I’m not quick and I don’t swing it huge amounts, line and length, bit of swing, use the seam…maybe he likes these kids these days that bowl slower bowl bouncers, slower balls and can’t put together a decent set of 6 to save themselves.
It’s a numbers game…bowl enough deliveries in the good spots and you will get wickets.


Very good win yesterday. Chasing 173 off 40 overs we got them 3 wickets down and with 7 overs to spare. I opened up and felt really good, a couple of early boundaries until I was dismissed on 11, somehow bowled around my legs. I must’ve shuffled too far across to the offside and left leg stump exposed. Very annoying personally, but a great performance to get the runs relatively easily. Very sore today, I felt my back get a bit tight in the warm-up and when I got off the mark, taking off for the single I felt a twang in my hamstring/glute area.


We had a great win yesterday. We rolled them for 91 and got them 2 wickets down. I was scratchy and struggled early but ended up 42*, I might have to consider wearing a lid as I copped one in the jaw after getting through a hook shot too early. No damage just a bit sore. Really good start to the season. 2 wins and have only lost 5 wickets in total.


We were convinced for a few years there was a nest of holdout Japanese snipers in the scoreboard at Forest Hill… first couple of outdoor sessions and first few games every year, about 4-5 guys would do hammies…

Clearly nothing to do with smashing a million beers over footy season then going mega hard once cricket started. Irrelevant!


Being 35 now I’ve reached that point where the body is starting to show signs of wear and tear. I’m not overweight by any stretch but certainly can’t move like I used to in my teens/20s. Was all over the place in the field. Gully, cover, backward square then sweeping on the boundary late in the innings. Having just the 20 min changeover then batting probably didn’t help. Might have to drop down the order to 5/6 and get some extra time to rest!


At 38 I hear you
Slip, Gully, Short cover or midwicket is the way to go…especially in the longer format of the game
As an allrounder who bats at three and being over weight…I love it lol…can’t move on Sunday’s but it’s worth it


At 42 moving on a Sunday just doesn’t happen. I’m a gully fielder now and hope the ball doesn’t go near me. If I didn’t have to field and could only bat I’d play forever


Hahaha so very true
I don’t chase…we set up with point and 2nd slip being quick young fellas so 1st slip and I don’t have to chase


Haven’t played for years as I finish work at 6pm in the CBD. Anybody know a club close by North Melbourne that are ok with rocking up at training at about 6:30pm? I’m keen to play again…


Hey mate. If you’re looking purely at playing for a club that’s geographically close to where you live, there’s no shortage. In our comp you’ve got Royal Park-Brunswick, they play at grounds in the Carlton/Parkville area near the zoo. They are a good club and their grounds are magnificent. Flemington are close but I would advise not to play for them. There’s also a club called Youlden-Parkville, they’re in a different comp but again their grounds are in that zoo precinct. I think they also have a Sunday comp which might suit some people if they have commitments on Saturday.

I’d suggest my club (Aberfeldie Park CC) if you’re not adverse to travelling a bit further out towards Essendon way. We have 4 senior teams, all on turf, and we are looking for players. We had to break out the vault and ring a few blasts from the past to fill the 4s this week, in the end it was immaterial given the ground they were playing on wasn’t suitable for play. We are pretty accommodating in terms of if you have work commitments which mean to turn up to training later it won’t put any noses out of joint. Again up to you, not sure what the commute would be like from Nth Melbourne to there. Short distance but traffic can be a ■■■■■ heading that way…


I’m 46 (47 at the end of the year) and being a wicket keeper it certainly makes for a tough few days after Saturday especially when you’re in the field for 70 overs. But I take it cause I love it


Thanks for your help Smooth, I’ll Pm you later in the day!


No problem at all! Also failed to mention Parkville District CC. They are again in that zoo Precinct, their home ground is amazing. It’s such a nice area to play. I think they might be in that Southern Metro comp, so most of their opponents will be in the south east corridor of Melbourne. The VTCA where my club is, we are North-West. Our opponents are more around us but also places like Williamstown, Footscray, we now have 2 Melton teams in the division, but that’s as far as we travel…


Youlden-Parkville were a mainstay of the VTCA (formerly VJCA) for decades.

Former Essendon player, George Moloney, was their representative for decades. Think he may have died a couple of years back. He played for us in the 50s (#17, I think).


I don’t mind chasing. The legs still seem to work fine. It’s my arm which has really deteriorated after successive shoulder and pec issues. Might just start bowling the thing in. That action doesn’t seem to upset anything and I can’t get the thing over the stumps from a fair distance out anymore anyway.