Local Cricket Thread 2018/19

First day of the season is done. How did everyone go?

I hadn’t trained at all. We played a one day game. I was in during the first over. We batted really well and ended up 3/209 off our 40 overs. I had a day out with 107* Got dropped on 91 and it was a sitter. We ended up rolling them for about 130. I dropped 2 sodas in the field. A good day but can hardly move today.


Nice BERT! We should’ve played this week but our opponents couldn’t get a wicket up in time so instead we had an intra-club game on a synthetic track in Strathmore. Batted for about 15 overs and got around 40 before I retired to give other blokes a hit. We got a new fast bowler from SL and he is fairly sharp. Hit me in the ribs, shoulder, thigh (got the awkward gap between the top of the pad and the bottom of the thigh guard) so feeling it. Glad he’s on our team!

2-dayers at Oak Park started Saturday against Pascoe Vale United.

We made 191 off 40.4 overs and at stumps they are 4/138. ■■■■■■ hard to see the ball after 6pm too thanks to the late start to Daylight Savings.

One dayers start with an away game at St. Francis De Sales this weekend coming.

go pacco, yeah we lost 2 wickets at the end of the day cause of the dark

Was absolutely ridiculous.

Match is evenly poised though.

Been three years since I’ve played. Was supposed to make it to training yesterday but got caught up doing the kid taxi thing. Thursdays are hectic. Sent my apologies and said I was available in the future if they were short.

So, apparently I’m playing tomorrow.

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We’d do that. Unless you were going to a wedding, preferably your own, or had a note from your mum, or we’d seen your death notice in the paper, early season you were picked. Didn’t even have to have been registered.

We had one guy who played a couple of Saturdays after Christmas, spewed on the clubroom floor, even snipped the club skinflint, then didn’t turn up the third Saturday. We’d seen his dial in the Ten Most Wanted section of the paper that week. Weren’t surprised he didn’t front.


Had to sneak out of work a few minutes early to go buy a new shirt and hat. I’m both amazed and sad that they need me. We won finals in both senior grades last season!

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St. Francis have forfeited this afternoon so the 1-dayers get a win. Probably not the way to do it though.

My two boys played tonight. Was basically dark when they finished. Their team got thrashed by older stronger (I was shorter than nearly all of them) boys 230-50. My two ended up not out putting on 20 for the last wicket so they could last their 20 overs. Bl00dy proud of them :smile: The youngest should be a grade down but has said he’d play up with his brother. He was nervous but stuck it out and had a go. Champ!


We started last week
First season in a while I haven’t captained a side for a while.
Hard work keeping my ideas to myself

We got rolled for 194, they are 0/35.
Was a tough wicket to bat on early, new ball was doing a bit. I got run out, should have called no, but generally you trust your partner.

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First game of the season given last week’s cancellation. Away to Jacana. Never the nicest venue to go to, basically hoping my car is still driveable by the time the game has finished!

Pascoe Vale United won by 39 runs. But, with 56 overs to be bowled today…why not keep playing?

Because you guys were happy to call it off

You can ■■■■ your percentage by playing on

A team wanted to “give the young blokes a hit” (their one bloke under 25) against us once after they passed us 2 or 3 down; we ended up rolling through them for about another 30-40 runs and they missed finals by a bee’s ■■■■ on net run rate.


What a ■■■■ day
Defending 194 they made 325
My first season not skippering, the new skipper decides not to bowl me…110 wickets in the last 4 seasons at B grade level at an average of 17 and economy rate of 2.5…bowling trophy winner the past 4 years runnning…but nah not needed today.
Yea I’m angry the crunt

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Bowled one over of half track rubbish. Yep, I need some practice. Fitness is there. Just gotta get it together.

Skipper was killing himself laughing the whole time so at least he has a sense of humour.

Mine kept coming up to me asking for ideas…what should I do now
I don’t know maybe bowl your best performed B grade bowler over the past 4 years
Yea I’m farking salty lol