Local Cricket Thread 2018/19


I’ll play until i physically can’t
I love it
Have a few more milestones to reach and then I’ll start winding down playing one day cricket


This thread is making me miss cricket. Think I’ll have to sign up and play with the Singapore Cricket Club next year.


Maybe you can play for their national team!


Haha not sure about that. There is actually heaps of cricket played here with the majority of players coming from the sub continent. Issue is there are only a couple of good grounds and the rest are a bit like paddocks.


Won’t be much of a change from Carnegie for you then.


Not picked in either side this week…think the count I saw was we had 27 available from 29! And that list includes Peter German.


2-day team is at Strathmore Heights
1-day side hosts Glenroy


Peter German still playing cricket ? He has to be mid-fifties or so.

A very long time ago I went out with his older sister, he would have been about 4, I reckon. We had to take him with us when we went anywhere. I never argued with his Mum or Dad. His Dad was a very large man.


I got asked to play this season ( they are desperate).
I said I’ll fill in which basically meant I’m signed up.
I promptly arranged to be in various parts of the state until March.
Will be expensive but worth it.
Body’s rooted.


VTCA called off all games for today. Got the message 5 minutes after making a dozen ham and tomato rolls for arvo tea!


Playing Maccabi Ajax, were you? We’d have guys who’d never bring anything more than a half-full box of Barbecue Shapes, or an open packet of Raspberry lollies, but when we were playing the Four-By-Twos, there’d be ham sangers tipping off the edge of the table.


All the bookies must love when it ■■■■■■ down on a big metro race day.

BBQ shapes are a fine at most reputable clubs these days
Now the trick is to bring your tea, and bring BBQ shapes, and try to pin them on someone else.


Played in our 2 day side yesterday.

For whatever reason the NWMCA decided to allow matches…but both of ours were called off about 5.30 with matches drawn.


We played in the rain and cold. Only just thawed out. Pitch and outfield were soaked but when you don’t have umpires and both captains are cricket nerds you are made to play. All my gear is in the lounge room drying out. We won though.


We had a first game of the season where pretty well everyone was having a quiet convivial in the club rooms, because it was coming down quite hard.

About half an hour after due start time, news came back that the 5ths were playing down at Caulfield Park. The other mob had demanded that they play. They won the toss and batted and were all out for 9 (synthetic pitch). Conditions never got worse, nor did the rain stop, so there was no reason to stop play, so we batted and were about 4/120 at stumps.

The other clubs on Caulfield Park weren’t happy, because “well, if they’re playing…”.

Guys were fielding with boundary markers as hats, not that they did any good. And their 9 included one six.


that was the best part of the first few games of a new season sitting in the club rooms watching the rain pour down and getting into the beer early. then again thats 30 odd years ago


Lots of games of Manila and poker.

Still remember one of the “old hands” thinking he could bluff one of the young guys, i.e. bully him, out of the hand by raising the maximum ($20 IIRC). Difficult to bluff against four bullets.


Both of Oak Park’s senior teams lost yesterday…2-dayers to Donnybrook and 1-dayers to Tullamarine.

Great story though for our 12yo in Robbie. 5 wickets!


Smashed Williamstown Colts at home yesterday. Batted first, made 6/172 off our 40 then rolled WC for 90-odd. Made only 11 but hit the ball well. My scoring rate was slowish for a one-day game so went after one outside off and got caught at gully. Feel like a score is not far away but a fantastic all-round performance by us.


We are in the middle of a Saturday/Sunday game. We bowled first and rolled them for 58. We had 20 overs to bat and ended up 4/62. I got 14. Batted terribly. I suppose we will try and get maximum points today.


Resuming my umpiring career on Saturday on a trey-bit at Brauer College in Div 3 WDCA. Just need to make sure the guide dog is fed and I get the wax out of my ears.