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We were expecting to start the season a week later than normal on October 9, but Cricket Victoria has determined that November 5 is the first date.

Competition has changed this year with the absorption of the Grassmere CA. Only one club is coming in on its own in Hawkesdale. And two other clubs in Woolsthorpe and Mailors Flat are joining to become Spring Creek. Wangoom join with Woodford, Killarney join with East Warrnambool, Yambuk join with Wesley. Panmure joined with Allansford last year and Purnim came in as Northern Raiders.

And in today’s letter, we heard there are whispers of Warrnambool exposure sites, so more to play out there.

I’ve been in there 3 times in the last 10 days, haven’t heard anything yet.


Yeah. I’ve seen a Cricket Victoria communication that’s been circulated and it has the regulations set out for what you can and can’t do when we hit the 80% single dose, 70% double vax and 80% double vax thresholds. No meaningful training can occur until 70% double vax, even then with the 15km travel limit a good portion of our players won’t be able to get to the club. CV has recommended that play commence the weekend after the Melbourne Cup (12th-13th Nov) and that games should be one-day/T20 matches only, so another season of 2-day cricket. That’s not a mandatory regulation though and it will be up to each association regarding playing formats.

Bit of change at our club. Been renamed the Moonee Ponds CC (changed from Aberfeldie Park) mainly for to our identity crisis and being consistently mistaken for Aberfeldie CC. I lost the joy of playing last year and intended to pull the pin, but I’ve been struggling a bit mentally with lockdown and not being able to do the things we all took for granted pre-2020, so I think getting active and going around again might do me some good. Will see how I feel once we get going again in earnest…


With regards to Moonee Ponds, I could never work out why parts of that area along the Boulevard was classified as Moonee Ponds, e.g. the transfer station, when everything west of Waverley St and south of Buckley St is really Aberfeldie.

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Yeah it’s a funny area down there. The official address states the suburb is Moonee Ponds but to me I class that area as Aberfeldie.

Our local comp kicks off October 9th. No real restrictions apart fro mask regulations and QR code’s.
Bit of a rejig of the comp with delegates voting to go to 5 grades of 10 teams. Top 3 grades have gone to all 2 day fixtures whilst the bottom 2 grades are one dayers only.

Onya @smooth. You pretty much nailed why I came out of retirement. This season ticked a lot of boxes for me - finally got to play cricket in Scotland after knocking it back 20 years ago, got some exercise, embraced not being in lockdown, did it while I still can do it a reasonable level, met new people, stimulated myself mentally, and had something each week to look forward to other than the work, home, eat, sleep routine.

I 100% reckon you should get stuck in. Team sports are good for the body, mind and soul.


Ours crosses metro and regional and season will start 3 weeks after metro teams are allowed to play. When ever that might be.

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Hopefully we can get to the 80% as quick as possible also we can get a start. Being well into my 40s the one day format suits me fine. Not sure how the body would cope with 2 day games.

Looking forward to having a hit.

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Heard on the grapevine that the Moreland council will enforce a “no jab, no play” policy within its municipality…

It’s asking a lot on clubs to police that rule.

Looking at ways to link it to MyCricket registrations

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13 November is when we expect to start. Truncated season has meant there’ll be no 2-day matches, even finals.

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I hear that Cricket Albury Wodonga is beginning Saturday 16th October.

I believe there will be T20 matches on Saturday and Sunday of that weekend and the following weekend.

Interesting that cricket Victoria isn’t making vaccinations compulsory for players. I’m assuming that if you want to use change rooms and social rooms you will need to be vaccinated.

The late start to the season might have been a blessing. Probably would have been washed out 3 of the 4 weeks if we started on time.

We were told tonight that the umpires have no responsibility for any vaccination issues, but clubs can, and probably will, bar unvaccinated players from entering the clubrooms.

What will be mandatory is getting into the rooms, you can’t let unvaccinated people into club or change rooms.

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Yeah that will be the prevailing view. Clearly don’t have to be double vax to play outdoor community sport, but to go inside clubrooms, etc then you will need to be.

And it looks like arvo teas will be back…and those unvaxxed won’t get near the Tim Tams or party pies…■■■■ 'em…more for me.

Some clubs are asking for the season to start Nov 6…with one of the Thursday night T20 rounds to be played on the Saturday instead. Not yet confirmed.

This must be the shortest pre season in record. I know alot of players have been running 1:1 training sessions but the players are going to be very rusty in the first 2 weeks

No surprise but VTCA called off play due to the heavy rain over the past 12-24 hours.