Lockdown Quiz - Back again!

Answer max 3 so others can get a go. Will open for all once everyone has a chance to answer the rest. This quiz is taking questions from a quizbook. So if there are wrong answers don’t blame me.

Quiz 1.

Unanswered - now with answers.

5 What song title was a No. 1 for Frankie Laine and Barbra Streisand? - Woman in Love
15 What was the Oscar-winning song from the 1970 film Lovers And Other Strangers? For All We Know
17 Who first played the title role in Imagine - The John Lennon Story? - Mike McGann


1 What is Paul McCartney holding in his right hand on the cover of Abbey Road? - a cigarette - wimmera1
2 Which Madness video featured a van dropping out of a plane? - Wings of a dove - Mackster
3 Which James Bond theme did Duran Duran sing? View To A Kill - wimmera1
4 Who was singing “If you’ll be my bodyguard” in 1986? Paul Simon - simmo41
6 What word begins song titles that end with Cherry and Horses? - Wild - Westie
7 What was The Move’s only No.1? Blackberry way - baakkeerrrr
8 Which song won the Oscar for the 1965 film The Sandpiper? - The Shadow of your smile - Shelton10
9 Whose debut album was Time And A Word? - Yes - davethedon
10 What are the Beach Boys doing on the album cover of Pet Sounds? Feeding animals - wimmera1
11 Which song won a Grammy for Frank Sinatra for Best Pop Male Vocal Performance in 1965? - It was a very good year - Azza78
12 Who had the original UK hit with “Oh No Not My Baby”? - Manfred Mann - Dongross
13 Who wrote “Don’t Bring Me Down” a hit for The Animals? - Goffin and King. - Captain Jack
14 Who had an album called Blue Light Red Light? - Harry Connick Jr - Azza78
16 Who was the subject of the biography He’s A Rebel? - Phil Spector - Azza78
18 Whose son is called Giacomo Luke? - Sting - stressed_out
19 How many Oscars was My Fair Lady nominated for in 1964? - 8 - frosty
20 Who felt like Buddy Holly in 1984? - Alvin Stardust - benfti


4 Paul Simon

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  1. View To A Kill
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Do you have quiz on alert or something?

Oh Wim replying too!



7 Flowers In the Rain?

20 Weezer

-edit- oh 1984 no it’s not

  1. Feeding farm animals at a petting zoo?
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10 feeding a goat or llama or something?

  1. I think it’s a cigarette.
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Quiz 31 of the lyrics one still had a few to be answered too.

  1. Wild
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16- James Dean?

I don’t know any :frowning:

19 you can just guess a number :smiley:

  1. Sting
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No.8 The Shadow of Your Smile I think

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9 is Yes (only because my brother was a Yes freak).

Edit: although it’s a trick question.

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19 8

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Well this has been… interesting

Is 7 Blackberry Way? Great song anyway…

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  1. https://youtu.be/xMUBqNuBX6k
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