Lockdown Watch-Along - the 1992 Reserves Grand Final

Ok you lot.

Most of us are locked inside so I’m going to do something nice for you all.

Wednesday Night at 7.45 1992 Reserves GF
Next Wednesday Night at 7.45 1993 GF


@theDJR don’t say I never do anything nice for you

This ain’t the Olympics. I want to watch the China opening ceremony.


So not there’s been muxh interest but works ■■■■■■ me so I have to pull the pin.

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Damn. I was just about to Don the comfy pants and settle in.

I’m in for Wednesday night.

Gavin Wanganeen :heart_eyes:

Oh crap. I thought today was Wednesday.

Can still do the 93 GF tomorrow?

Is it on kayo?

Mason says hi.

So we’ll do this tonight. Will post a link about 30 mins before hand

92 reserves, or do you hate TD?

If everyone is happy to stick to the original plan I am.also happy with that.

Just push it all back one day.

92 is well worth watching


Late 1992 saw the senior team lose by 160 points to Hawthorn. But in the weeks after that you saw a stack of kids come into the senior team, and immediately star.

There are almost no players in this squad who didn’t play substantial senior games, either before or after.

Plus Willie ■■■■!

Denis Pagan was our coach.

This would be the final match of Terry Daniher… and he made it worthwhile.

Dustin Fletcher played for the Western Jets in the Under 18 Grand Final prior to the reserves Grand Final.



The opposition are perhaps less historically stacked, but there are some very handy players there.


7 - Darren Kowal
9 - Darren Cuthbertson
10 - Matthew Mahoney
14 - Rod Grinter
20 - Matthew Febey
22 - Stephen Wearne
23 - Kevin Dyson
24 - Luke Beveridge
25 - Simon Eishold
26 - Greg Doyle
27 - Sean Wight
28 - John Howat
34 - Haydon Kilmartin
36 - Grant Williams
37 - Andrew Lamprill
38 - David Neitz
39 - Robert Lemon
40 - Shane Burgmann
43 - Andrew Ford
44 - Sean Charles
45 - Wayne Lamb
47 - Paul Hopgood
48 - Scott Nelson
49 - Brian Stynes
50 - David Taylor
51 - Cristian O’Brien
52 - Matthew Mackay

We had beaten Melbourne in the second semi-final 122-98 but like cockroaches they came back to play us in the Grand Final.

■■■■■■ it down all grand final week as well. Ground is going to be in average shape (i learnt it ■■■■■■ down all week testing the YT link)

Melbourne’s 3rd Reserves GF in a row.

Lost to FC in 1990
Lost to The Bears in 1991

P.S. Ignore all my prescient thoughts above, and respond spoiler-free and as per the time.