Lockdown Watchalong - Essendon vs Sydney 2007 - Tonight at 7.45

So both games I wanted youtube cockblocked @theDJR .

So we’re having this.

Wednesday 7.45


Tomorrow night :slight_smile:

Tonight peoples :slight_smile:

Dons by 74


Against a side that’s played the last 2 GF’s davo plz


Bolton to Goodes?

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Fair to say that Sydney side has the experience

Is the game available to watch online somewhere?

I’ve posted a link to the game on youtube above. Jump in the thread and hit play at 7.45. Pause after each siren and @theDJR will give us a timestamp and time to restart.

Post as the game happens (so basically act like you’ve gone back in time) and no spoilers :slight_smile:

Oh, sweet. Thanks. Didn’t realise it was the full game.

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Still can’t believe Graham Polak had 25 possessions against us last week. Like, he just looks like the type of bloke who’d stumble into traffic and get hit by a bus or something…

Still… no goals to Kent Kingsley, and we beat the Tigers in a Dreamtime Game again. Long may that continue.

McPhee had a belter of a game, and I reckon he’ll back up with another big game tonight. Surely Camporeale isn’t playing tonight though???


Lucky enough to have been there live.

I thought I was the only Time Lord here.


How long are we going to persist with Richie Cole FFS. Last chance saloon for me. If he doesn’t play well tonight, I hope he never plays football again.

I’m in the second row near the half-forward flank/pocket (left of screen, far side).

They scheduled this one well; I’m going to a boomerang comp way out west in Sydney tomorrow.

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I’m on the wing bout 5 rows from the front.

Mal or Fletch to Hall?