Lockdown Watchalong - Vs FC 2008 - Tonight 7.45

Diplomatic edition this week

  • Vs Fitzroy 93
  • Vs West Coast 94
  • Vs Fark Carlton 08

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Votes close Wednesday 5PM

Anything from ‘93 gets my vote!


I just voted to even it up, especially since the actual games within those years haven’t been specified.


Lloyd belting Judd gets my vote.

Close vote so far

Couple of votes today and its still very close.

I voted for that one too. Love watching us beat those ■■■■■.

Get your last min votes in folks

Someone should change from 2008 to 1994 to make it a three way tie.

In the event of a tie. I’ll chuck them into a randomiser.

And its fark carlton 08.

Don’t worry we’ll do the other 2 over the next 2 weeks :slight_smile:

@theDJR ■■■■■ hit the fan at work. Might have to ask you to run solo tonight

Ha, I’d forgotten entirely. Luckily I went to the exposure site supermarket early this evening!

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Not expecting much between these 2 ■■■■ teams, will be a forgettable low scoring scrap.

We have a bright fresh new coach, what could possibly go wrong?

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Nash and Reimers😍

Ratten is actually younger, but I’m not sure he’s brighter.

Someone remind me what Carrazzo means in Italian.

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Just watch Hampson tear us apart.