Looking for two tickets for this Fridays game

Hey Blitzers, I’m looking for a couple of tickets for the game against the Pies this Friday. Happy to pay for them. Can anyone help? I’m struggling on Tickertek site to find anything .

Just a tip - when you go into the site, and select Club Members and Public Reserve, the next screen will bring up a map of the MCG. If you hover over each coloured section, it will tell you how many tickets you can get together in that section. You can then click that section and select the number of tickets you’d like. I just had a try and could get two seats in Q53, Q54 or Q55. Could also get seats in the Ponsford but their cheer squad and a lot of their reserved seat members are up there!!


Hey mate as suggested above on the website - there were a couple on Level 1 Bay M51 (Wing area) earlier for around $80

Or grab two random tickets and stand.

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Thanks Guys. All sorted. Looks like it will be a huge crowd!

So where will be the best area to maximise my chances of sitting amongst Bomber fans. In Melbourne for the weekend and want to enjoy the experience.

Looks like only areas with seats available Q7 and Q31-35

  1. The 30s are ponsford end and well be swarming with vermin
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Thanks, went back and re-read Koala’s post and decided on Q7. Definite nose bleed seat but I’ll be there.

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Hey guys, MCG are predicting 83 000.

I’ve got a few Mighty bombers tickets still unused.

What do you reckon the chances are of turning up and getting in, without reserving a seat?

Yeah I’m obviously not going but got a text yesterday recommending to upgrade to a reserved seat

There’s walk up on the night if you get there early enough.

Got some mates after 2 tickets as they left it to late to not pay less than 55 dollars for a ticket. If anyone has anything give me a shoutm

Edit: Sorted

Q1-Q3 are general admin

See you kents up there. I’ll be the one booing Pendlebury until I’ve lost my voice