Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast- A Monster Truck day for Essendon

Big day for the Essendon Football Club…we break it down on how we felt initially with the news and how our thoughts evolved to embracing the new coaching model. It’s a blunt honest chat on a day full of emotion and significance


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I’m sure this is really good as always CJ, but this is me right now - 3arws6


Lol i get it. That podcast would be something

Anyway hope people get what i was trying to convey

Just finished listening, nice work pulling it together tonight. You sounded a lot more downbeat about it than I expected, since you guys are usually super positive. Obviously down to the issue of media leaks and how does this stuff get out prior to the players being told, fair enough too.

But the key here is that there is a glimmer of hope that we can rejig our gameplan, make headway against the top teams and maybe even have the team semi-fit for round 1! So the disappointment of the elim final loss for me has been turned into a positive pathway for next year.

Thanks kindly for sharing, CJ. I am about to listen now, as I wind down from a long day. :wink:

Good work getting the podcast up so quickly. Always enjoy your take on developments at the club as you have very good contacts. You are not interested in ‘big noting’ your self but share what you can with us. I dont trust the large majority of what is reported in MSM so I really appreciate your analysis of what is happening at the club. From the outside looking in… I dont think anyone thought that JW would be coaching Ess beyond next season… the club has seen Ruttens work up close and have decided he is the one to take over as senior coach in 2021. Kudos to JW for agreeing to the succession plan. Hopefully it works out well… and good luck to Rutten he has challenging times ahead.

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Great summary Scott, you are 100% correct re Woosha & his integrity to make the succession plan work.
He is not Mick Malthouse.

Where do you think the ‘leak’ is coming from? C’mon man, name names.

I’m not a Blitz clapper or gloomer but I’m very positive about the future.

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Totally agree

The leak stuff is concerning & I agree with you re: trying to plug it, although that may not be possible. And yes, the players should have been informed before it leaked out to the media.

You have embraced the change - as I have now done. And regardless of how it has all gone down, I suspect that our coaching will be much improved next year, with the changes & addition of Cara as well. Plus whomever else they bring into the footy department.

I was tempted to make a late evening ‘spag bol’ after listening to Grant, but crashed instead. :grin:

Good show. Thanks for sharing.

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Solly just seems like gold coasts skipworth

Thank John

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Interesting players unaware of coaching appointment/hand over / succession.
I guess pretty good really means they are totally switching off from main stream media.

Whoever the leak is to Caroline / the age - should be stood down.

Have they tapped efc phones…lol

maybe hold confidential meetings in the war room.

Lloydy seems annoyed at carolines sources from efc.

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Cheers Tom

It’s probably the one who was leaking to her at Richmond.

Not sure its just one sadly

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I’ve never understood leaks. My line of work relies on confidentiality but it’s amazing how often information gets out in the public forum.

Great show as always boys.

Cheers mate