Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast- Dylan Clarke gives Patrick the Cripps

Here it is!!! It’s the Dylan Clarke Podcast Show

We discuss the 41 point win over the Blues and how the kids are showing some great signs


Great…I love them…hope the back victim gets better soon.

Great show guys. Really worried about Francis. Wonder if we are ruining his career by playing him in a non preferred position like Parish previously.

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Thanks for that😀

Yup, that’s not really working. Back to twos, cant wait to see Gleeson playing w Saad McKenna Reds Ridley. He won’t know himself. Dunno if Aaron’s gonna work out at all. It was all looking so good last year

Thanks. I reckon if Aaron had his time again he wished he attacked round more intensity

Thanks listening now.
side note. my 6 year old was dancing to the intro and made me replay it 3 times this morning for him. :slight_smile:
He likes the itunes pic as well of 2 blokes in the essendon guernsey with the microphone.
Dylan Clarke what a great game.
lets see how he backs it up after the bye. Hoping he plays on O’Meara and beats him.
just frees up our other mids even if Merrett is tagged.

Next few weeks we have

  • O’Meara - or he could go head to head with shiels
  • Gaff/Shuey
  • Coniglio/Tarranto/Kelly - could stop one of them.
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Your 6 year old is now my hero😀

ITunes link

Thanks for support on this show. Ronny Lerner chat coming up Monday night . Should be interesting

can he explain whatever happened on the mid season draft?

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First time listen for me and loved it.

Some great insights, will become a regular listener.

I think we’ll have some selection dramas when Shiel, Stringer and Fanta come back if we’re going like for like. Really want to keep Darc in the guts and find a way to keep Clarke in the team.

Keep it up!

Go Bombers.


Cheers for that NMG