Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast- Finals here we come!

Essendon are in the Finals for 2019!!! We discuss on the Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast what this means for the upcoming Pies clash and how we were able to defeat Freo in Perth. Huge show!


Looking fwd to your thoughts as I do ea wk

Cheers Flick

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show also now on Spotify

Thanks guys, enjoy the cast… but please stop calling Zerk Thatcher ‘maggie’ … It really grates… like finger nails down a blackboard. Why would you want a player to have THAT nickname? She was a ■■■■■■■ tyrant!

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Lol i think its just the Aussie Grant tongue. Obviously there is no love to Maggie… dont even think of her when saying it lol

Unfortunately I can’t help but be reminded of her when Grant says it!

Let me chat to him

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Big fan of the podcast. I have a different Essendon one each drive home and certainly keeps me pumped for the weekends game! Nice work!

Fan question for next weeks pod, Coaching ideas for next year? What is the preference?