Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast- Heath Hocking Open and Honest as Special Guest

Heath Hocking joins us on tonights Podcast & we discuss his career, Hird, Bomber, Sheeds, Dan Jordan, tagging, Dylan Clarke, VFL Final learnings & a surprise announcement to close the show. Don’t want to miss this. Honest and open chat #weloveHeath


Good one Scott!

Everybody loves Buddha


He is an awesome guy. Integrity plus

bring a loaf?

Great pod guys. Hilarious way to get an interview

Lol how it happened

Cheers Benny

Terrific interview with the great Heath Hocking… sad that this is his final season. He was a favorite of mine…

Thanks mate

Show is on itunes and spotify too for those that like the other forums

Same issue as last week. Guest is too soft. You’re both too loud. Would strongly recommend looking into audio compression


Agree Barnz… that made it uncomfortable to listen to.

Yeh i must admit the sound we play back on does not reflect the show sound. Hocking was too quiet. Not giving too much of an excuse but with me selling my house i am basically setting up and pulling down the studio… so looking forward to getting in new house and setting it up from scratch and getting everything right


Heath sounds like such a great guy. VFL team will miss his leadership.

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Good interview.
Buddha was a little bit soft on the phone, but sounded ok to me.

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Yeh we spoke even before interview started and he was just a genuine lovely bloke…what you hear is who he is


Right up there for my favorite Bomber of all time, Buddha was a gun.

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Not a bad episode, had me craving sourdough bread.

Hope Buddha can have some success in the VFL

Yeh would be awesome to see the guys win it all… they have the potential too

Yep he is a gun on and off the field