Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast Hyped Review of Essendon v North

Here it is!! This is the excited Lunchtime Catch Up 35 min Podcast as we discuss Essendon’s great win over North…and have a look at the Pies for Sunday. I won’t mention the sponsor of the week🤪


Here is the ITunes link as well

Let me know if you prefer iTunes or soundcloud

ITunes is my preference.



Cheers everyone… I am ITunes as well


Feel free to subscribe as well folks😀

The other chap, is it Grant ?
Is he a Blitzer also ?

No he hardly does social media. He is on our Facebook Podcast site though

Sure love how his 2nd good game of the year undermines Myers years of underperforming

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I think Blitz goes by the theory that you’re only as good as your last game.

So I can keep going on about how kav had 4 important handpasses in the 3rd quarter against freo in 2013 that lead to goals that got us in win when saga hit peak scrutiny?

Should’ve given him a 10 year contract.

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Well it’s two to some… I have about 4 ticked off myself. Not brilliant still but does more than I think some give credit for that stats don’t show

You can tell, because there’s no talk of cream in the Stringer thread

Fair point. Thanks for all the feedback everyone.