Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast immediate review of Redman beating the Lions

Here it is. Our immediate Lunchtime CatchUp Podcast show to the Mason Redman beating the Lions game review. We discuss the win today and what we hope for in the 2nd half of the year. Click Below to listen


ITunes link also coming soon

good ep.

I just have to add, I wasn’t really enamoured with stewarts game in the vfl, was very quiet in the first half and only seemed to dominate once coburg gave up.

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ok Cheers for that. Was hoping he would of been more prominent

Nice work boys. I drove my son to go Karting immediately after the game and 774 was banging on non-stop about Brisbane for the whole wrap-up, so it was good to hear an Essendon-centric match review.


We were hoping fans would appreciate some Bomber talk with little radio talk after the game…so that’s nice to hear mate

Here is ITunes link

Cheers too on the compliment of show. Thought we would try a show straight after the game and see if you like it

I liked it being after the game while I was still buzzing and far better than listening to msm roundups

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Ok cheers for feedback Chef

Fantastic idea to do it just after a match – really liked it as it made all the material – stats., opinions, observations – very current. And the points you were making about players were well supported by incidents from the match. A great idea.

Of course, it helps that it was a win…


Cheers. We will do it more when we can

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Thanks for getting it out so early, was good to listen to yesterday.
Always nice after a win.

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Great podcast, just gave a follow so I can keep up with future EPs

Especially vwhen you snag the guest with the golden locks

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Scooter also got a mention on Hirdys Podcast…:slight_smile:
Cross promotion. - Tweet

Should Ralphy be concerned for Dees losses to Tigers, Hawks, Pies.

Yeh we are looking to do cross guests too😀


Maybe you could help them with their intro as well.


Yes it’s a little simple

Even something like Bruce McAveny Yelling highlights Hiiird that was special, Crawford what a goal,

Well glad you like ours anyway.