Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast is back. 2019 Pre season review

Here it is!!! First Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast show of 2019 discussing the recent minor injury plague at Essendon and the players standing out in training so far. Also have talked about McKernan v Stewart debate


glad to have you guys back


Great to hear you guys again.

Scoot, you said “I don’t want another 100-point loss in the first JLT.”

Mate, it’s FCFC. if that happens again, grab your torch and pitchforks!



Surely we attack JLT this year from the start and set the standard early


Good discussion points.

  • the midfield improvement, Zaka is the only one to have peaked. So many names to role through there. Addition of Shiel. The rise of Langford, Parish and McGrath. On paper midfield is a juggernaut. It may be questioned but I don’t think it will be left unnoticed in the media for too long.
  • Guelfi most likely plays and deservedly so. Best 22 are hardly all out there at a given time.
  • Walla is the sleeper, he looks to have really stepped up and going under the radar.
  • Players on the outer, I agree with the Zerk and Redman hype, not sure about Stewart. I don’t have the faith I did this time last year.
  • Depth everywhere.
  • Dont think history will hold us back. Last few years majority of finals have gone against history. Definitely got the list but I agree we need to see a reliable consistent way of playing.

Yeh greats points Maxx. Will be very interesting to see how Guelfi is looked upon as possible best 22

ITunes link to show below

Nice work guys… An unexpected treat this early in the year. A lot of excitement about so many players… Can’t wait to see how they go as a team.

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Great listen. Enjoyed it immensely.

You might wish to give us your thoughts on Gown and Mossie at some stage, if you’ve seen them at training. Word is that they both are displaying some good attributes.

I really don’t know how you managed to discuss the 3 guys you were most excited about in 2019, but didn’t mention Francis in that discussion. I mean, come on lads.

Much appreciated gentlemen.

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Cheers for that

Must admit i didnt see enough of Gown or Mosquito to accurately comnent but will do at next training session

Let me know what forum you listen to podcasts as well. Currently we are on Soundcloud and Itunes but looking at possibly spotify?

I have it on iTunes subscription


Oh thanks and cheers for subscription. Most people saying they like ITunes firmat

Good to have you guys back.
We have been spoilt for training reports this preseason.
Last year felt like more hype from media less substance.
This year its internal hype from training reports and just going about footy stuff professionally.
Less media fluff.
I agree mindset on the first JLT game is somewhat important. Need to be competitive even if we have mostly youngsters out there.
Not sure if woosha rates preseason stuff that highly, but given last year, it would be nice to bank some wins early in the season.

I have it on itunes subscription.



Spotify gets my vote…free data usage!
PS: really enjoy your podcasts. Thank you.


Best intro & break music in the business :notes:

Lol thanks for that.

I use pocket casts which I think uses iTunes.