Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast review of GWS win with guest Ronny Lerner

Here it is.

Click on below to hear our latest Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast with special guest Ronny Lerner. Great discussion with Ronny on the GWS win and possible factors that have seen Essendon so dramatically improve in the last 2 weeks.


ITunes link is below as well

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Another happy one, boy oh boy wowee

If we win this week the Podcast might be MA rated



Sports Journalist with The Age and on MMM. Essendon fan and similar to a Rohan Connolly


Having a listen now, Lerner was good when you had him on last time.

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Hope you like mate

Look forward to hearing the new sponsor. Will listen tomorrow.

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Not sure about the sponsors, lol.

And id quite happily listen to a discussion on each player, especially after win.

Great stuff, cheers.

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Lol I am never sure myself but thanks for listening. All in good fun

Enjoy listening to your podcast… It’s a bit daggy at times, with the sponsor stuff but thats ok… because…
You’re getting James Hird on as a guest… Well done guys. Also, good that you’re getting Rohan Connolly on too.

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Cheers…I think we just like to keep it light and hopefully somewhat fun while informative

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Excited to hear Hirdy special guest is in the pipeworks.

Im not that into the new sponsor stuff though. Happy for you guys to get real sponsors though.

Questions for Hirdy

  • who would he invite to dinner if he could invite 3 people from around the world living or deceased.
  • would he save Gill Mcglachlin or Demetriou if they are about to be hit by the Karma bus,
  • What sort of player should Essendon be after in the trade period?
  • What does Jake Long need to do to get a game?
  • Any chance he gets back into coaching at any level?
  • What does he think of James Hird academy?
  • Was he impressed with the Stand by Hird Campaign?
  • How does he keep his hair looking so good at his age?
  • Given his interest in leisure cycling does he watch any pro cycling including Giro, Tour de france, etc, follow Ritchie Porte.
  • Is he proud seeing Devon Smith wear his old number?
  • When was the last time he has been down to the club?

Also you guys have the best intro of any podcast i listen too!

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Great guest :+1::+1:

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Cant wait for the Hirdy one!


Could we have Hird on without any saga questions?

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Sent him an email to just say we can discuss whatever he is comfortable with. Have no desire to cause him any stress. He has agreed to do it but just waiting on confirmation of a date. Hopefully hear from him soon but we are just being patient as he has had a big week with house burglary. When he is ok to reply… we will setup a time


Not for hird. I don’t want them