Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast Review of Tigers narrow loss

The New Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast is here. We discuss the narrow loss to The Tigers and also look at the upcoming trade and draft rumours. Scott also shares a quick update on where he is at


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Great show as always - Thanks!

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Cheers mate👍 Appreciate the support

Interesting discussion re: midfield possession. i tend towards thinking you need a main focal point (not to the point that they carry us and if they get shut down teams useless - circa jobe his whole career). However I just can’t agree with the stat discussion that uses disposal efficiency. zaka in the 70%s is total bs because all he did was bomb it long to nothing. which counts as an efficient disposal because it went a certain distance.


Thats a fair call on efficiency actually

Totally agree about the our defensive set ups.

I’ve been banging on about it since the final siren. Hopefully that’s what we spend the whole pre-season working on.

If we’re able to create a safety net, by having that wall across the middle of the ground… and locking it in. We essentially don’t have to be as precise going inside 50 because we’ll have the defensive mechanism to keep it locked in.

At the moment, if we turn the ball over going inside 50… we’re f*cked. It will be a scoring opportunity down the other end.

I didn’t feel like Richmond’s ball use going inside 50 was overly damaging. But they locked it in, which gives them repeated opportunities to score. We don’t have that luxury.

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Anyone that gives mckenna vote is alright by me.

Also i think richmond don’t do the horizontal zone that many clubs favour. they seem to have 3 lines running along the ground so that they can quickly transition forward or back to cover each other, take out the switch (generally) and force you out wide.

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What do you mean by the 3 lines?
I see it as a grid that tightens as soon as you go wide or once they get it inside 50. They give away free kicks to reset the grid and take back control.
I don’t know how the rest of the comp will constantly beat what they do. They will be competitive for a long time.

Why it would be nice to recruit a certain assistant coach they have this off season

As Sydney and Hawthorn have shown, you can be a pretty decent & hard to beat team with an average list of players… as long as you have your defensive set ups well organised.

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Most forward presses set up in waves around the 50 arc and another 20 metres back. Whereas I don’t think Richmond do with theirs. Their system is still simple to execute but it’s hard to go against because it’s set up to allow players to provide cover for each other whilst applying immense pressure. It looks like they set up in 3 lines running parallel from 45 out to about the middle of the ground and let their small forward wreak havoc in the 50.its not a major difference but it’s enough.


Agree, thats the next step. Hopefully this off season can be about tactical responses to opposition and defensive structures all over the ground

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Well researched :+1: i need you as an advisor to the show​:grinning:

Thanks for all the support of the show and the kind private messages of support from members. Means a lot.

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