Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast Review of win over Saints

Here it is!!! New Podcast is up now. You can chill out this Sunday listening to some Essendon fans on a Podcast discuss the impressive team win over the Saints.


Currently listening because its a sunday morning and I have nothing to do.

I think daniher being injured/out of the team has lead to our forward half finally being cohesive, if we’re gonna continue that trajectory he has to model his game off brown/riewoldt (wtf). run all day provide options and be willing to be a foil for raz/walla/stringer/whatever midfielder is pushing forward. with the way the team is currently set up, our weapon is the smaller forwards, not the key forward. maybe if we’re desperate in a midfield slog we send hooker forward for the long bombs but otherwise I think we have to continue the good thing.

I’ll put my hand up, i wanted mitch brown cannoned of the list, but he’s been playing this role marvellously and i’m not sure if joey can continue his good work. i’d be inclined to ice joe as long as he needs to get over the OP.

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Yes i agree to some extent. As long as midfield lowers their eyes more a smaller forward setup seems to be working quite well. Joe is very much needed still

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Here is the Itunes link for those with iphones. If you do like… you can subscibe to our itunes or Soundcloud channels

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By the way agree on Brown…had a fantastic year…bit to my surprise

To everyone’s surprise

I doubt Qwilt was surprised.

Thank goodness surprise however with injuries to tall forwards

Thanks as always, CJ

Thanks for your support mate. Appreciated