Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast with Journalist Ronny Lerner- Round 1 is here!

Here it is!!! Round 1 is coming and we have Ronny Lerner join us for the first time to talk Essenon 2019. You can listen to the latest Podcast below

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Will upload itunes link soon

ITunes link below

Enjoyed it lads. Good listen.

Let’s hope the boys give you lots of reasons to remain positive this time next week.

Yes, CJ!

Thanks guys… Another terrific podcast. Love the addition of Ronny Lerner to ‘the team’.
I am feeling pretty flat about the season ahead… but really hope you are right and it turns out that the jlt performance means nothing at all.

Ronny Lerner is excellent and very very knowledgable. He is way too good to he writing for the Age but oh well.

Thanks. Likely we have Josh Green joining to talk on Essendon form after a game in a few weeks too👍


Yeh we targeted him and rapt to have got him👍

Cheers Sam

Thanks CJ, always listen and always enjoy.

Ronny might be the professional journalist, but you and Grant have your podcast voices a lot more sorted than Ronny. Ronny did bounce pretty well off both of you though, a very natural chat.

I would put your Bomber’s knowledge in front of Ronny’s too.

Your podcast stands out for its well mannered passion and the fact it is very personal.

Enjoyed the listen.


Oh cheers for that. Very kind words. Ronny actually seemed a bit nervous but he’s a great guy and thats what we like.

I can see the win for Ronny too. A subject he’s comfortable talking about and gives him practice as a verbal presenter, which could help his journalistic career.

Great get for the podcast, good upside for him.

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ronny says shiel.

grant says shield.

case closed.

I was thinking Scotty more so than Grant tbh, though I do enjoy Grant’s hyperbole.

Grant is your classic voice from the outer. This is how we talk almost daily and we usually laugh at some things he says. I am a nerd with footy… i like studying the game and watching intensely how we play during the games. I read match data after games and then contribute my thoughts with that. We are opposities but best friends…and for us it works.



You guys are great…

Cheers red

Thanks for a great podcast gents. As for Scott no I haven’t been sacked yet! Go Bombers!