MAd mOnDAY - Describe our season with a gif


Latest Hun write up, Woosha is to supposed to have said, “We’ll take O’Meara, we’ve got the number one pick.”
I hope our footy department are really think clearly about this decision and consider this young players injuries and get good information about him. Last thing we need is a Gumbleton mark 3.

can you make that into a gif?

can you make that into a gif?
What's a gif?

Raptor thread memories

Can anyone provide us with a Mark Stevens after another failed prediction gif?

Holy crap!
You could try that a thousand times and die 999!

Most of our games, with each person representing the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters

Always a much looked forward to thread this one

I can’t post gifs. :’(