Madeleine McCann

Every so often someone claims to have found this little girl, it has happened again. I always hope it is true, it was a story that captured my thoughts, probably because I had a little girl only stightly older at the time and I couldn’t imagine the pain of that happening. Regardless of whether people think the parents were idiots for leaving the children unattended, this was still a painful situation.

I personally would never have left my children unattended in a hotel room. Having said that I hope for a positive outcome.

Didn't this end up being a false story?

The sighting? Or the girl lol?

You just wonder what happened here

She was cute and good looking. Not all toddlers who disappear/are murdered are quite so cute and good looking. And white.

Clearly the parents did it. According to elements of the MSM, they’re as guilty as Lindy Chamberlain and of course James Hird.

You just wonder what happened here

I know you hear stories of people turning up years later but the publicity and everything that came with this one can only mean one thing.