Maintaining a shred of interest

Lately, once it becomes obvious that we wont make the GF, or even the finals, I choose a side to barrack for. I have a back up also, in case that side bows out.
I never choose a Victorian side. Fark being parochial. If we cant win it, I want it as far away from Victoria as possible.
I also don’t want anyone near our 16 flag record.
This is NOT who you think will win it, it’s who you want.
I’m going for The Lions, followed by GWS.




Geelong, just to annoy people


I have a new team. In fact, I have a new team every week. It’s the team that plays Collingwood.


It’s a tough one for me. My mum and dad and grandparents are all Geelong people. My girlfriend is a Tigers person. My sister and step mum are Melbourne people.

I’ll quietly barrack for Geelong but when my GF is around it’ll be Richmond. Either way i’ll probably pinch a flag.

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Port for me. Everyone in my family is Essendon except one nephew (who we couldn’t save) is FC.

My bro in law is from Newcastle, and now lives In Adelaide, and he likes Port cause “everybody hates them“ haha, and I like Choco.


As long as Koche doesn’t win I’ll be happy.


And you know what is screwed about that? As much as they suck and I hate them and they’ve got all the associated baggage of being Collingwood and Buckley read a book, grew a beard and got enlightened:

  1. They have a captain who leads, is respected AND plays well regularly;
  2. They have a President who is visible and will advocate and fight for them;
  3. They have a playing group that play together, for each other and for their coach;
  4. They stand for something as a team - they have a baseline requirement of contested football that means they compete;
  5. They’ve withstood a barrage of injuries and misdemeanours and will probably make finals.

Basically everything we either aren’t or don’t do.


Footscray, so we can find out how long a rebuild should take.

Find a new sport to watch.


miami heat.


After the 2001 grand final I spent 51 weeks barracking for whoever was playing Brisbane.

Then they played Collingwood in the Grand Final. I barracked for Brisbane for 1 week.

Then spent the next 51 weeks hating Brisbane, until they again played Collingwood in the Grand Final.

I barracked for Brisbane for 1 week. Again.


Only 2 teams I have watched every game of this year. The bombers, obviously, but the other is the Lions.

Really enjoy the way they go about it, the players and team balance, you can see a working system.

Plus they have imo the nicest and most down to earth coach in the AFL - if not for the team I could stomach Fages being a premiership coach, well before any others.



That cliff a decade ago…

It will certainly annoy me.
Not as much as Port though, I have them on a par with Carlton.

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Melbourne Storm


Oh yeah, hate them both. FarkCarlton are the team I hate with so much passion it is not funny. Hate everything about them, everything.


Aston Villa
NY Jets
Chicago Bulls

All my teams are bad…

For me it’s more about who I don’t want to win. So for me the teams I don’t want to see win the flag this year are Richmond, Collingwood and West Coast. The rest I can tolerate.

PS: Fark Carlton won’t make the finals.