Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


What part of no indictments RE: collusion don’t you understand? Mueller probe has been a dud.

I really hope most people and political talking heads can drop this and actually focus on Trump’s disastrous policies rather than some bs conspiracy theory.


Haven’t they locked up a bunch of people and taken their money, that other wise would’ve been roaming the streets?


Yeah but as side issues to the main core of the investigation.


From what we (currently)know of the investigation:

  • Prosecutable evidence Russia acted to assist Trump campaign.
  • Showed interest from members of the Trump campaign / family.
  • Did not prove to a prosecutable degree that Trump was involved.

My take on what we know so far is they didn’t find the hard evidence needed to prosecute the link between Russia to Trump’s staff through to Trump. That doesn’t mean he was innocent, just that he didn’t leave a trail solid enough for a nation to overthrow their leader.

I honestly am not surprised. Trump isn’t the type that would write an email to a staffer asking them to meet Putin in a park to get dirt on evil Hillary. He’s the type that would be in the loop and enthusiastic but not at the coal face and exposed.


Well, if we don’t investigate we don’t know the ‘truth’.

And if we don’t get to a point where truth is tested in court, then people don’t get justice.


You make a great point about trump a DNS’s emails. He’s never used it. Big benefit because lit leaves no trail.

Additionally, 50 years of dealing with the NY Mob means he also knows how to say things without actually saying it. ‘Nice little store you got there… I hope nothin happens to it’


The fact is that only Attorney General Bill Barr and his staffers know exactly what the report says. The observation that it’s not recommending any new indictments is just that. A sitting president cannot be indicted. That does not mean that the report does not accurately and in detail layout what the president may have done wrong in terms of obstruction of justice, other criminal activity, campaign finance violations, or any variety of other charges. Or, on the flipside, that he is clean as a whistle and we should all just carry-on living our lives. We just don’t know. And, frankly, if the report is deemed not necessary to be released, we may never find out. That said, the wheels are as they say firmly in motion. The SDNY, the Democratic ruled Congress, and any number of other investigations that this probe has kicked off, are the real deal.

The only fact is, that the next two years or so of this president’s rule, are going to be riddled with investigations, scandal after scandal, and even more insane behavior than what we have grown accustomed to seeing on a daily basis. And then at the end of all of that we would have the elections. And who knows what that will bring.


The mental gymnastics I see here over the Mueller investigation is something to behold. RussiaGate was a big fat ■■■■■■■ conspiracy theory fed down your throats for two years designed by the neoliberal elites to

  1. Not talk about how they lost to a game show host in the 2016 GE;
  2. Not talk about how their ■■■■■■ neoliberal policies have created the worst inequality in the U.S for almost 100 years

If you want to talk collusion, why don’t you ask why the DNC and Hilary conspired to rig the primaries to cheat Bernie? If you want to talk collusion, why don’t you ask why the U.S is bending over backwards for Israel RE: foreign policy? Golan Heights being the latest example.

Where’s the airtime about how the fact that Flint STILL doesn’t have any ■■■■■■■ clean water to drink?

Where’s the airtime about how parts of the U.S are subject to hookworm?

Where’s the airtime about how 30 million people are still uninsured, how thousands and thousands of people each year who die because they don’t have insurance or are under insured. The countless scores of those who go bankrupt due to medical bills?

Where’s the airtime about how 60+% of American’s can’t afford a $1,000 emergency?

That’s how you resist Trump - with actual substantive policy issues, not screeching about a conspiracy theory for two years. You’ve just given Trump a huge gift for 2020. He’s going to tell his base that he was vindicated, and he’ll be RIGHT.

EDIT - Sorry for the aggressiveness of my post - still mad over the EFC result :sob:


No need to apologise.

I stopped reading any of your posts some time ago.

Not sure what you’re actually saying half the time, or what your agenda is the other half,

You seem very juvenile and confused.


For the TLDR - Russiagate is a conspiracy to deflect from the real issues, got to resist Trump with substantive policy. The End.

Hope Trump is booted out of the WH in 2020 and replaced by a progressive (Sanders, Warren).

There :slight_smile:


In the here and now, there should be some focus on Trump’s abuse of Presidential powers (irrespective of their legality)

  • including powers granted to him by Congress such as fast track trade authority - which is damaging to the US economy and broader foreign relations.
    He should be held to account by producing reports to Congress of the rationale for his decisions, publicly available documentation of the consultation phase of his decision making including records of the advice given to him:

When the Defense Department tells him there are no security aspects associated with certain imports and he goes ahead to invoke his security powers to restrict imports …

When important policy shifts on the Middle East are announced in tweets …

When the President’s economic report asserts that there is no poverty in the US (such as a single mother with 2 children on an annual income of $10k) and those reports are relied on to shape domestic policies …


Waiting for Bernie to speak in my local park.


Special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election did not find that any US or Trump campaign officials knowingly conspired with Russia, according to details released this morning.


“I want the whole damn Mueller report” Bernie on stage.


By law he cannot have the “whole damn report” as there are some things that are restricted by law. It seems though that Barr has every intention to release as much of it as possible and not hide anything.

Barr said he intends to release as much as possible from the report. Mueller will be involved in the scrubbing of the report to remove secret grand jury material and any content related to ongoing investigations before it could be made public, Barr wrote.

“Given these restrictions, the schedule for processing the report depends in part on how quickly the Department can identify the (grand jury) material that by law cannot be made public. I have requested the assistance of the Special Counsel.”


No conclusion one way or the other drawn on obstruction of justice. Possibly in part because he never could get the President for an interview.


More likely it is because Trump never puts things down on paper, he either tweets or verbally states his thoughts. Can’t catch him doing wrong unless you have a recording it would seem. He learnt from the mobsters in how to avoid being busted.


My first thought about that is it would lead to a similar finding to the one re:Russia, as in no evidence.

I haven’t read much though so maybe what I did read was poorly worded, I’m waiting for the hoo haa to die down.

The Department of Justice “determined not to make a traditional prosecutorial judgement.”

“The Special Counsel states that ‘while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.’”

Anyway, time for coffee.


Question is why did so many folks associated with Trump feel the need to lie about their Russia dealings? Enough to even go to prison.

Oh well. It’s going to be a fun 20 months.


And why he was obstructing the investigation continuously