Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Old one got flagged by Google for an ad violation. The offending post? A parody video hosted on Google’s own YouTube.


Best to wipe the thread and start over, just to be sure.

Carry on.


Title missing the word ‘great’.

Make the US Politics Thread Great Again.


The word “Thread” is supposed to be in its place.


Nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.


How bout that Trump guy. Doin a good job.






That’s pretty damn funny.


Nice. Gets an Aliens quote in.


Why not just delete the allegedly violating part of the allegedly violating post thatGoogle alleged was allegedly tainting the thread?

FMD for a multi billion dollar company they are overly into micro management.

And well into hypocrisy if the allegedly violating part of the allegedly violating post that Google alleged was allegedly tainting the thread was allegedly hosted by a Google company.







There are people who work for google (upper level “mananagement”) listing that they are bi-polar or autistic in their twitter bios, as though it’s a good thing :neutral_face:


Worked for someone that was bipolar. That was an experience.


It can be, particularly in that industry.

Mania comes with some supreme levels of creativity and productivity.

Bit weird to publicise it though.


This thread is starting to remind of the excellent TV show “Silicon Valley”.


Flag my backside, jerkholes.


Know what really ■■■■■■ me off about google is that they talk about the people using their seach engines as their “customers.”
In my opinion they were “my” customers. I was paying google to advertise to them.
As far as I am concerned the people paying google are their customers and should be treated as such.
But they don’t. They treat their paying customers quite abysmally.


No it wasnt


Good to see Trump offer $1 million for hurricane relief. Which is $4 million short of what he offered for Obama’s birth certificate.