Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


Sometimes Israel could do with some irritating Netanyahu is probably a bit irritated at the moment with the AFP interviewing Packer about those gifts to him.


You think the Palestinians are stupid enough to think that Trump is an unbiased third party? He’s been kissing Netanyahu’s boots since before he was elected (as most Republicans do).

That said, I agree with Ice Temple that there really isn’t much of a peace process at the moment. Since Israel built the wall and stepped up security the level of attacks have been far less, and the urgency for Israel to do something is reduced. I don’t think Israel sees the gains as worth the costs, and the Palestinians can’t see getting a deal that makes negotiation worthwhile. So its not really going anywhere.


Any insights into the reaction in the world’s most populous Muslim nation and the Muslim minorities in SE Asia ( you know, the ones not so far from us).?


Not yet says our Julie


Indonesia - Knowing a little about the country there are few things which i question - I’ve always wondered about the total population of +240 million - Knowing Indonesian’s penchant for having multiple ID’s, I wonder if this 240 million is overstated - I also query the figure of 90% being Muslim - We need to understand that every Indonesian’s ID card must include your religion - No doubt some find it easier to list Muslim to make their lives easier - Then we must consider how many Indonesian Muslims actually practice their religion - My experience is I doubt it would be more than 50% - So yes, Indonesia has a large population of Muslims which sounds good as a headline - But actively practising your religion is a different question.


On the whole Indonesian Muslims are liberal and tolerant and don’t conform to fundamental Islam, except in the autonomous province of Aceh which applies Sharia law. But the trial of the Christian Governor of Jakarta for blasphemy is a worry, as is Saudi funding of schools teaching fundamental Islamism. And don’t forget there have been a few terrorist attacks in Indonesia, driven by Islamic extremists who seize every opportunity to stir trouble.




Trump seems to enjoy cozying up to Israel, strange behaviour for a guy that is supposed to be a white supremacist nazi


He’s a riddle, wrapped in a conundrum,… stuffed inside a fkwit.


How odd for him to display contradictory, inexplicable behaviour.
That really is quite out of character.


Put a son in law in a position of power ( and money) in the White House, you know, the one who was going to bring peace in the Middle East.


He’s everything to everyone - if you’re a rich, planet raping ■■■■, a starched hypocritical conservative Christian, or a dumb ■■■■ panicked little redneck. He’s supposed to be the leader of the ‘free’ world, Bullwinkle knows he’s really not that either.



It’s starting to bug me about politics in general, it’s ok to be wrong as long as you can find someone else who was also wrong.

Trump recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital isn’t right because Obama said it too. They are both wrong.

Republicans supporting a child molester isn’t right just because Democrats won’t sack a Senator accused of sexual harassment. They are both wrong.

Two wrongs don’t make a ■■■■■■■ right, unless your version of “right” is simply to derail the media narrative.


That said many many wrongs make up the right.:+1:t3:


What you say is correct - Will add every country has their share of people with extremist views while some countries are more suspectible than others.


Donald Jnr invoked client-attorney privilege to avoid answering questions about conversations with his father during congressional testimony.


In this case, who is the client and who is the attorney; genuine question)?


That is the exact question. Jnr basically just said there was a lawyer in the room so no answer, sorry. I would have thought the lawyer would have to be acting in an official capacity for both them otherwise the privilege is waived due to the presence of a third party, but really I have no idea.