Making their Mark - Amazon Prime show

I like Eddie Betts the Crows player.

■■■■ Eddie Betts the ■■■■ Carlton player.

Leon Cameron is the big surprise / disappointment for me. I know a LOT of editing goes into these programs so who knows all the context but so much of his talk seem contrived and less than authentic.

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Love that Podcast. Rozie is a legend

Finished the series. Geez, the Bombers are years away :cry:

The word I had out of GWS wasn’t at all complimentary of Leon Cameron. Highly doubt this was edited to make him look bad.

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Probably in the minority here, but the stand out of the series for me was Stephen Coniglio. I always knew Stewy Dew was a great bloke so the doco just reaffirmed that to me.

The surprise was getting to see & learn more about Cogs. Came across as an absolutely wonderful person to me. A lot of heart & very caring person. Whether or not he’s cut out to be a captain is probably questionable at the moment, but I’d absolutely love a man of his character at Bomberland.

Leon Cameron is a fjark head.

He reminds of all the ■■■■ house chefs that I worked with. Fake empathy, full of himself and the only real skill he has appeared to be arzz covering. Dictionary definition of ■■■■ cvnt.