Making their Mark - Amazon Prime show

Sorry if this already exists another thread. I have been binging on this show all weekend. Inside look into the functioning of six AFL clubs across the insane 2020 season. Obviously the Bombers are not one of the clubs and unfortunately the blues are. However, great perspective into the thoughts of the players, the coaching staff, and in general the AFL.


A few random observations after finishing the series last night…

  • Money is king in AFL. I think on Blitz there’s still some romanticism on how clubs ‘should’ be run. The reality is that football is now an industry.

  • If you didn’t love Eddie Betts before the show, it would be hard not to afterwards. Good human.

  • You’d love to play for Dew or Dimma, maybe not so much Cameron. Coaching is a tough gig, so much more than making match day moves.

  • I think the show highlighted the value of good leadership. Hep missing most of last year (and the on-field vacuum it likely left) is probably an underrated factor in EFC’s annus horribilis.

  • It’s hard to believe that Richmond delivered on their ambitious vision. Much respect to Gale and co.

  • Rory Sloan is a warrior. You’d love him as a mate.

  • Over-all I enjoyed the show, but I think The Test was slightly better. If Essendon was one for the featured teams it might have been different. It would have been fascinating to get that type of insight into EFC last year… maybe for the best that we didn’t!


Really agree with all of that.

One thing that really stood out to me was that the role of the head coach seem to be more about motivation and driving teamwork as opposed to tactics. Now that might just be because they did not want the producers to get access to each team’s tactics but it really is something that was stark.

And Eddie. Wow. What a good person. Respect.

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essendon would have been carlton, would have been adelaide, would have been gcs, there was 3 bottom of the barrel finishing teams in the doco. the doco didn’t need a 4th, and why bother replacing one.

also iirc, these were the only teams that accepted it.

Agreed, but the point I was making is that I’m not emotionally invested in any of those teams. Unfortunately for me I am in EFC, which may have made the show as interesting to me as I found The Test.

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Essendon would a good one to have this year if they are doing a second season. Do we know?

one of the creators/producers did an interview on the junktime podcast (if you can stand the hosts).

This might also explain our terrible year seeing Worsfold was all about the players being driven and self motivated.

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Will end his career as one of the most universally loved players ever won’t he?

I mean come on, he played for Carlton FFS and it’s still impossible to dislike the guy!


We can all find time to dislike carlton players, no matter who they are.

Just place a $50 bet on him now to kick first goal every week.

That’ll get you there :wink:

Brilliant series.
Amazing production values and insight into the pressures on head coaches and club leaders.

Was super impressed with Hardwick.
Watching the doco, it’s easy to see how the players want to follow him.

Betts and Sloane seem like ripping blokes.
Nic Nat is very entertaining.
Cameron came across as a hard ar*e, more than I pictured him to be.

Not sure if a see a natural leader in Cogs.
1st year Captain in a difficult, unique year.
Having said that, just seems too introverted.
What I did find amusing was when he visited his Nonna in Perth, and in the backyard is a ginormous Satellite Dish, big enough to pick up Martian TV.
I think all us Wogs with parents in the 60+ range can relate to that.

The ability to cheaply and professionally use Drone footage has transformed how programs like this are filmed, whereby lots of different locations around the country are announced visually.
Some mint footage throughout.


The drone footage made me miss Oz a bit too much to be honest. Left me quite sad :frowning: And, the shots around Lygon St definitely brought back memories of the glory days.

The other thing the drone footage made me realize that now many clubs have multiple training ovals of varying sizes.

Lastly, I did get gag reflexes each time Gil popped up.


Personally that weird totem they had just put me right offside. Had a wallmart chanting vibe to it.


Interesting you say that given we all criticise Woosha for his more player driven approach and poor tactical nous

Will definitely give it a watch

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I really like Dew as a coach. Great appointment for them.

Simpson’s approach is good. Nic Nat is hilarious. Seems like a great guy to have around.

Eddie Betts may be a FarkCarlton player, but geez he’s such a likeable guy.

Sloane seems great too. And a great leader. A few times he’d bring up stuff to the coach that was valuable.


I think Cogs is narcissistic, and it is holding him back from becoming a good and genuine leader.

Heath Shaw has always come across as a wanker but he’s someone you want in the team, a great and loyal teammate and clubman.

Leon Cameron’s approach to the players won’t get him a premiership, no matter how many good players he may have at his disposal.

As for Dew, he doesn’t seem 100% confident in himself yet, just like Simpsons and Hardwick are fully confident. I’m sure he’ll get there if his players keep improving.

I really enjoyed the authenticity of the documentary, but I feel like there was something missing, it could have delivered just a bit more.

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I probably walked away thinking less of Cameron, Coniglio, Sloane, Nicks and Betts. Can see both Nicks and Cameron out of a coaching role within 18 months.
Natanui I thought would have been a serious wanker but he is a good dude.
I was surprised by Dew, he’s a good character and they’ll win a final this or next year.
Richmond have got excellent leaders and will probably continue to have success after Cotchin, Dusty and Riewoldt retire.

I thought the communication skills would have been better from the leaders. Seems like the word ■■■■ is their only noun, verb, adverb, adjective etc

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You gotta remember they’re talking to footballers not exactly academics.

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I get that but most players do learn a degree. I think it’s a strong motivating word but constantly using it cheapens the effect.
I can’t remember if it was on this show or the Richmond review on fox footy but they asked a question and Dimma said he preps what he will say and it really showed. I know it’s a Sheedy thing to create that theme for the season and each game but jeez that motivating. Rutten seems to have bought into that and hopefully the blue collar theme is just the start.