Mark "Choco" Williams

Channel 7 reporting that Mark “Choco” Williams has been diagnosed with Lymphoma. Hope they caught it early enough.

His brother just confirmed the terrible news.


What a nasty disease :frowning:

All the best to him, hopefully he can beat it!

Terrible news :(


All the best to him and the battle he faces.

Not another one.

Fingers crossed that he can beat it. 

All the best of luck getting over this.

That is terrible news… Good luck, I really hope you can beat it.

Choco's tough.  He can beat this.


Best of luck.

Not another one.

Exactly my thoughts. Past coaches are going through a rough trot right now.

All the best to Choko and his family

Hope he crazies the ■■■■ out of it.


All the best.

Fight the brave fight mate. We support you 100%.

On a side note where’s the Phil Hughes thread? (I actually searched before posting this)

After days of feeling sorry for him I came on blitz to vent, no thread? Seems odd. Either way I’ll take this opportunity to say… I have never felt so sick to my stomach about a death to a sports star as this. It’s just wrong. I wish his family all the best in a tough time that to me is unimaginable. Keep batting on Phil, the century is just around the corner, except now Bradman is your batting partner!

Also to Abbott, I’m so sorry that this has happened to you! Australia supports you and you are a friend to us all. There’s in no player in the world that I want to see succeed more than you so I hope to see you back on the pitch when you are ready.

its in the sports forum

You can go back past the football page… WOW… Lol