Marriage is totally Gay


I would say there’s an argument for that absolutely.
They obviously have had varying influences on the foundations of our society.


They do, as does the Christianity movement.

I think history class is the best place for all of them. Focus on the happenings and learnings of each.

The magical stories are best for drama class or creative writing.


It’s obsolete. All it does now is inhibit the progress of society, as the resistance to marriage equality shows.


So do I understand that you firmly believe that we should love everyone and accept them the way they are?

If so then I find it interesting that you constantly belittle a large group of society who believes differently to you. So your love and acceptance of all is only predicated on them believing the same way you do.


Perhaps reason and logic aren’t as far removed from faith as you think they are.


Why do you think I believe we should love everybody? I just think two people who love each other should be given equal rights to marry, whether they are of opposite genders or the same.

And I think those who think otherwise are bigots.


So you admit you are a hypocrite. Good to know.


How have I admitted I’m a hypocrite?


I think those concepts are polar opposites.


Then you would think incorrectly.


No, by definition it’s correct.

Faith requires zero thought. By definition.

Logic and reason require thought.

The only thing they have in common is that they can be twisted.


That is fundamentally incorrect. It requires thought and deliberate action, it is n’t something you just blindly do.


Right, you need to deliberately ignore logic and reason.


No you you logic and reason to decide the direction you take. Ignorance is for those who lack the ability to understand what faith really is.


So what logic and reason did you use to determine that I had admitted to being hypocritical above, or was that just faith?


I have issues at all with religion and faith. I have no belief in anything religious, but don’t bag others who do. I have more issue with those who support Fark Carlton.

However I do have massive issues with all churches, especially catholic for obvious reasons, but the rest are no better with the deceit, hate and conflict they provide.


I have no issues with religious people either, per se. People can believe in all kinds of silly things, and I might find it funny, and even make fun of them for it for actually taking it seriously, but whatever floats your boat. If you want to be an adult who believes in santa, or the tooth fairy, or an invisible super-magician, go for it. But it should be kept out of schools, and have nothing to do with the running of the country.


“I have no issues with religious people” but I reserve the right to bag the crap out of/ridicule them every chance I get (not you BF).

Bigot and hypocrite.


I even think religious people should be allowed to marry. Although I have some religious friends who think they shouldn’t be.


“I have no issues with religious people, provided they disregard their religious principles when those same principles are at odds with my secular values”