Marriage is totally Gay


I’m really really confused


When is the result announced?


15 November I think


Predominately because Buddhism is more akin to guidelines than rules, also because religion (no matter what denomination) is easily set aside and/or parts of the system are suspended to allow for manipulation by those in/with power (see indulgences or Henry Viii creating a new religon).

To your second point, there are many forms of buddhism, Thereveda, Mahanya (spelling for both) and another.

The fat buddha is from the form commonly practised in Japan, if you go to Thailand you will only see a thin buddha.


10am November 15 is the release of results.




Their website is gonna burn.


ummm what?


I was thinking of the Khata Rocks Buddha.
Depends on how you define thin, I guess.


I have seen lots of fat Buddhas in Thailand, fat like
Hutcho and Robbo even.


We should take bets… is there a market already?

I am going for 62% yes


Not enough to turn Cory around.




Before the SSM Survey:

“They forecast we’d be hammered on social media, but it was the reverse,” says Tom.
“We were accepted. We got nothing but love from this country and we felt fantastic.”

After the SSM Survey:
“I will never ever, ever forgive our government for putting us through this.”
“From the moment this survey was announced we have had the most horrible, nasty things said to us.


Why is it suddenly raining right on my face?

What an awful thing to have to live through. :disappointed_relieved:


Sooo, they could really simply reduce the Acronym to NH ?? :thinking:

(*Non - Hetero)


I don’t think people would like to be identified by what they’re not.


Good point.


It covers gender as well as sexuality so doesn’t work.

That Patterson bill though, eh?

What a piece of ■■■■■ that is.


It’s an interesting one, especially considering he has stated he voted yes in the survey.