Marriage is totally Gay


There is a need to expand the LGBTIQ category. I would suggest LGBTIQA. The A being for people who dont have sex at all.

While not disenfrachised in the marriage equality debate, the asexual community believes the wider community needs to celebrate abstinence. There are plans to organise an annual march for the sexually inactive to generate acceptance of asexuality. Abstinence courses are planned to be added to the school curriculum.

The asexual community wish for an inclusive and tolerant society, free from obsession with activities that take up less than 0.01% of the duration of each persons life.


Well we have to accept them, it’s not like we can tell them to go and get ■■■■■■


Would be funny if it wasn’t true - when my son was learning about sexual reproduction they did include the A for asexual, not for abstinence but for those who weren’t attracted to either gender.


is asexuality even a sexuality? Seemingly the opposite of asexuality is just being insatiably randy?


what were they attracted to?


nothing, hence being asexual


I once went twelve long years without having sex.

Mind you, things improved once I started high school.


Don’t forget, there’s gender fluid as well.

I think the full acronym is something like LGBTIQAP+

Edit: yep - lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, ■■■■■, asexual, pansexual, and other diverse identities

EDIT2: Seriously? q u e e r ?


that acronym is getting out of control.


If only it worked in scrabble


That’s extremely offensive and amoral.





Also Q can stand for Questioning, which I think is a useful category because it can take a while before some people are sure where they stand on the sexuality spectrum.


So far, the bullshite survey has had a larger voter turnout (by % of pop) than the u.s. election, u.k. Election, Ireland’s SSM referendum and brexit


If we need to be inclusive, and non discriminatory, we simply must add the H for Heterosexual then everything is covered.


Not sure if serious, but we already have a word for that.
It’s ‘people.’

Edit: On the other hand, if you’re specifically excluding otherkin then I am completely fine with that.


I know you didn’t mean it to sound like this but when I read that my first thought was you don’t think non-heterosexuals are “people”.


Well if it’s vague, then I guess I should rephrase.
Adding Hetrosexuality to an acronym that covers the rest of the spectrum makes the acronym pointless, because then it just means everyone.
In which case I can’t see any use for the acronym at all, unless, and I can’t stress this strongly enough, it means everyone but otherkin.
■■■■ those guys.

Edit: And again, perhaps that was the joke?