Marriage is totally Gay


This is the crux of the issue

Do whatever you want. Religious and personal freedoms should be protected as much as is reasonable


We don’t and can’t allow that to extend to one person’s beliefs applying to other’s personal or religious freedoms.


Why do you assume that? I agree with the absolute freedom of speech, even if I might disagree with what’s being said. And that includes my freedom to speak against whatever is said that I don’t agree with. Such as calling no-sayers bigots. Goes both ways.


Freedom of speech is not enshrined in Our constitution.


Didn’t say it was. Just said I agree with it.


How far would you support it (free speech).

If your brother was in a SSM and had a child at Kindergarten.

Should anti-SSM supporters be able to protest outside on a daily basis.


No that definitely seems to be crossing the line. Nice one. Perhaps adults verbally abusing children (directly or indirectly) would be an exception. But it would apply to both groups.


There is no such thing as Freedom of Speech, and nor should anyone have 100% freedom to say what they like.


There is a difference between persecution of those with religious beliefs and persecution in the name of religion. The Smith bill and the Brandis proposal aim to delineate the difference.


Are you seriously saying sanctioned acceptance of ssm is going to lead to more people lying to their kids about who the biological parents are?

Just bizarre.
My family tree on one side has 2 adoptions, and one into state care, and mostly because way back in the conservative 50s: nobody spoke about kids out of wedlock, they were often adopted out or taken away or sent away - those children were a problem. Let alone disabled children. A heinous state of affairs - and one largely driven by the church and moral police.

Acceptance and tolerance is the answer. Not more discrimination.


But nutbag churchies are allowed to protest at abortion clinics.
What’s the difference?


There’s not typically kids at adoption clinics?


I think it’s poor to prey on people in vulnerable situations, which many women seeking abortions are.


This thread in the last few days…




Bahaha… civil liberties??

I guarantee you they don’t picket at every hospital. And euthanasia occurs every day (yes its a spectrum people).

It’s all about moralizing. It’s a power play.

Enforcing ones own code against those more vulnerable.


So do I.






How unexpected! Not!

Confidently expecting Cory Bernardi banging a sheep, ram or ewe, don’t care.

If not, if Bomb Doe could just run up a Photoshop or GIF…please!


Would that include Jacqui Lambie?