Marriage is totally Gay


Took a moment.

But I don’t hate her…once she gave Clive the big A.


On the age demographics in the postal survey, participation by the 65+ group was about the highest. Some rough sampling based on Census stats suggests that there is no pattern of older people voting NO.
Tasmania, which has the highest aged population supports this.
Nor is there a pattern associated with those identifying as Christians in the Census.
The concentration of Maronite Christian in some of the NO electorates does show a pattern.


I know with most of the relatives 65+ their voting was decided by whoever opened the survey - So the person who filled in the survey on behalf of their partner answered - So it was either two Yes’s or two No’s.


Really? That was a thing was it?

65 is my parens age and there is no way in hell one would vote for the other


He said he knows.


Brandis now saying that “probably more than 61% of Australians” want religious “protection” against SSM.

■■■■ off, Brandis. Do your ■■■■■■■ job you snivelling, lying, desperate piece of ■■■■.


They were pulling that crap before the result even came in.
And Turnbull bent to it immediately.

Correct me if my memory fails, but didn’t Abbott tell us we were voting on all of that garbage with the Marriage Equality poll?
Because if so, we voted. You ■■■■■■■ lost.
If not, then we were only voting on marriage equality so just change the words that Howard had no problem changing with no input from anyone.
Or run your own stinking poll. See how that goes.

Otherwise, shut the ■■■■ up, do the job you were paid to do, and the job Australia has just friggin’ told you to do.


Yeah but mate, it’s the 38% who are more important than the 62% and we gotta, like, you know, look after the minority or they might get disadvantaged… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Can’t wait for the day someone’s outed as a Christian against their will.


Yeah but it’s them minorities what’s taking over our country and ruining it for real Aussies like you n’ me.

This countries stuffed I tell ya! Gone to the dogs.


that’s coming


Anticipating being the oppressed rather than being the oppressor doesn’t make you the oppressed.
It’s actually fascism 101.

Let me know when it happens though.
On the very first day.
Let me know when being a Christian gets you put in jail, rather than ■■■■■■■■ that you’re so special you should be legislatively entitled to discriminate against others.

Edit: And I know you’re going to take this personally. I get that. And I’m sorry. I don’t mean it that way. My anger is at certain people in Parliament, not you.


I think I caught a big one.




I was being silly Wim


This news might be a little out of date but I remember how Christians were put into a ring against hungry lions.


Lasted for about 400 years until they got someone sympathetic into the top job. Then they persecuted eachother and everyone else.


Okay, then I hope no harm done.
As I said, My beef is with Parliament.
The people have spoken.
Change the words that Howard changed without consultation.
That’s all.


They didn’t need to the people to speak to do that either. That’s what is so silly about all this.


And 2,000 years later we thought that was a ■■■■■■ idea.
Meanwhile, Tasmania…twenty-five years ago…