Marriage is totally Gay



Then, there are the cowards who abstained.


Thanks. What a pack of petulant children.

Anyway, kudos to the Ayes!


I would be okay with the member for Blacktown(?) voting no, given his electorate was the no-iest, and he personally was all about the yes.
I assume that’s Reps .
Thats really the only one I’m interested in.


I think Abetz said he was voting no to represent the no voters of Tasmania. Ignoring the majority of yes voters of course.


Reportedly Labor will vote as a bloc in the House, no conscience vote.


As an issue this has generated some wide spread interest. l am back in China for 8 weeks and a young lass who is acting as my PA got talking about this. She has followed the debate closely, as she is gay. She plans to marry her partner in a couple of years time. Both parents of both parties support their decision. She also wants to have a child before she turns 30. She is confident that she will be able to marry here, without any impediment. More power to them both.


“Respectful debate”.


I think they should all vote according to how their electorate voted, even if they personally disagree. And yes, then even includes guys like Bowen and Burke who are pro ssm.


Reportedly, once the SSM comes into effect, there will be consequential amendments to the recognition of foreign marriages laws, which will have the effect of extending recognition of prior SSM in countries where Australia recognises the validity of a foreign marriage under Australian law. True equality.


So the Libs have been trying to have amendments added today during debate. One of the MPS represents my electorate.

"MPs are currently considering an amendment from Liberal MP Michael Sukkar that would have created two categories of marriage, one between a “man and a woman”, and another between “two people”.

I have to admit, i don’t get that at all. What does that achieve other than to force this thing back to the Senate for approval and delay the inevitable (unless that’s what they are trying to achieve, but I don’t get that either).

All have failed and the it should get passed today.


Marriage bill finally about to be voted on.


#WhereIsTrip #PrayForTrip


Huge applause as the bill passes.


About fkn time.


Peter Andred an independent and one of the best politicians ever ( died too soon) explained it this way.
The people who voted me in disagreed with some of my stated policies but they still voted me in . They accepted me on the basis of my principles.




So vocal and posting heaps before, has disappeared like a fart in the wind since.




I was stoked for my friends when the vote got up, doubly stoked now!