Marriage is totally Gay


Define treatment


Meaning if they, third parents AND their doctor agree hormone therapy is right for them they don’t need a judge to approve it.


Good decision. Anyone who has seen what they do with prepubescent trans young people in Sweden and now some in US would understand the importance of this decision


There were some very emotional scenes outside the Family Court, on a par with the SSM votes.


The fact that the debate turned into bullshit over bakers being allowed to not bake a cake for gays, when kids are committing suicide because of their sexuality is a fkn joke.

Hurry up and get this ■■■■ done.


Is this really treatment or is it enabling people with psychological disorders to do potentiality irrevocable harm to their bodies.

Before you shout me down, we have been conditioned as a society to believe that it’s normal to want to change your gender, but how is that any different to say this condition:


Nothing on gender dysphoria? Next thing we’ll be going back down the aversion therapy track.


Because psychology and medicine says so?

Oh, and so do trans people


Brilliant photo


oh my.


I’m no expert so I chose to listen to those that are. This is a highly specialised area of MEDICINE (only 2 centres in Vic RCH and Monash for adults). I chose to listen to those who spend their life’s work researching it rather than the internet.


And listening to those with gender dysphoria.


I must admit, I don’t get that photo. Can someone explain it to me (yes i am being serious).


Any sums it up for me:

“Signs from the universe. A simple loving message in front of a defeated man.‘


Okay thanks.


I probably wouldn’t have called him a “defeated man”, though. I would use another adjective that is probably more apt.


I could think of some other nouns too. Troglodyte springs to mind.


On the desk, there is an iPad case with a rainbow sticker on it which says “Love will win” while Abetz is having a meltdown.


It’s an amazing photo, one which I smiled at when I saw it on Twitter. Like one smiles at those cat gifs.


who are the 11 pillocks who voted no in the senate?