Marvel Stadium Upgrade

Marvel has apparently had a major makeover inside. Very little by way of updates have been provided.

Has anyone seen inside Marvel Stadium recently? Are the renovations looking impressive? Any observations would be great!

@Stallion went to Harry Styles he’ll know


Maybe they finally realised that nobody can see what is on the 40 odd tv screens that are above the stairs on the top deck


All I know is from someone who was there in last week, that it’s “looking like a construction site”.

Ah ok… Hopefully they get a wriggle on. And let’s hope it’s not held up by delays due to suppliers and issues with contractors.

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Here’s the fluff:

Yes, that’s 3 years old. I’m interested to know how it’s come together. Originally it was a big deal this renovation. In more recent times there’s been little talk or publicity about it anywhere. I just wonder if since the original sell, the plan has been condensed or aspects not proceeded with. Otherwise I’m surprised we haven’t seen progress reports and news stories talking up the improvements as part of a wider campaign to get spectators back to the venue.

For some reason there’s been no sell job on this which at the start of a new season seems odd to me.

Why do you hate the SEXY new screen so much?

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Anyone else get the email last year (?) warning us they have to move your members seat? Thankfully (at this stage) mine is unaffected (level 2 wing/HFF)

Apparently those impacted are the 8-10 rows in front of the hospitality room out in front of S38 on Level 2. They were putting in some different seating as part of a new viewing activation I think.

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Thsts the only thing I’ve seen / heard discussed. I think they were spending $250M. You’d think there was other stuff to showcase.

I’m more interested in what they’ve done to brighten the joint up. It’s very dark, grey and ‘concretely’. I think they needed to replace seating and do a few things to improve the appearance inside the bowl too.

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