Mason and Max - gridiron men

Seems to be transfers all over the place. No idea how it works.

Inter college transfer mechanism.
It’s basically a free for all.
Players go into the portal and colleges pick and choose who they want.

Nothing says the focus is on study that being up and transferred as part of the football department. What happens to their degrees?

They are still amateurs, right?

I assume they transfer their courses with it.
Previously it was quite difficult to transfer from one college to another. You had to sit out a year (from memory).
The transfer portal, has changed that in the last couple of years.

yes, absolutely.

No, not absolutely. Some are getting payments in the hundreds of thousands even millions, according to reports (maybe even in this thread).

Here are the highest paid:

  1. Shedeur Sanders - $4.5M <<<This is Deion Sanders’ son
  2. Arch Manning - $2.8M
  3. Caleb Williams - $2.6M
  4. Travis Hunter - $2.1M
  5. Drake Maye - $1.5M
  6. Evan Stewart - $1.4M
  7. Marvin Harrison Jr. - $1.3M
  8. Michael Penix Jr. - $1.2M
  9. Sam Hartman - $1.2M
  10. Bo Nix - $1.1M

Source: List of Top 10 Highest Paid College Football Players in U.S. 2023


Absolutely. Except for those that are taking in the millions from NIL.

Far out, I’ve clearly been paying too much attention to American Football and College football this year, given that I could tell you who half of those people are, and even what colleges they go to. When did this happen? I blame Blitz almost entirely.

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Didn’t know that.

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As I understand the players finally have the rights to make money from selling their “Name, Image, Likeness” (hence NIL).

Still don’t get paid by the colleges though…


Yep, lots of Visy Cardboard Ambassador and Cotton On deals done outside of the official college set up.



Time for them to come home and sign Rookie B contracts!!!


BT can bring up “American Football Background” then!


So has anyone figured out what that means?

Max has entered the transfer portal, meaning he won’t be with Arizona next season. Not a clue what the meaning behind the picture is, maybe they won’t play against each other ever again?

Edit: Arkansas not Arizona, thanks Stealth :slight_smile:

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As someone who hasn’t really followed closely, what is the reason for him entering the transfer portal? More opportunities? Just wants a different experience? Something else?

Could be any of the above, plus his old team could possibly have lost a lot of players via transfer portal meaning they might not be very good.


Boys are playing together.


Or gotten better, I mean a punter will normally have more opportunities in a poorer offense