Mason and Max - gridiron men

Clearly not a football decision.

Probably good to be together.


I’m actually peed off they’re over there playing that stupid game.

They deserve to be playing a games they enjoy. Copped a lot of sh!y growing up due to saga.

Don’t they play the same role, of which there is only one in the team???

So won’t this hurt there chances to play NFL?

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I think it’ll only be this year they’re together. Mason’s only got a year left, and Max would have two or three.


That was my point. From a football perspective it’s not maximising their chances of playing.

But that’s such a small part when they’re likely there mostly for the experience, to get an education etc.

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yep Max can learn off his brother and be his understudy in case injury etc, and team can basically pickup where they left off when Mason leaves.

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Which one gets to wear number 31?


I do get a feeling they could return to Essendon when they are done with college, assuming they don’t get picked up in the NFL. But these days there are more options if the NFL isn’t an option.

They’ll certainly have done a lot of maturing physically and otherwise

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I don’t think they have any interest in a football career. Not every son of a club legend wants to follow in their father’s footsteps.

They’ll probably work somewhere in the sporting industry though.

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Look out for Mason to be a Cat B rookie for us next year, thats my tip.

Zach Reid

These two get 31A and 31B

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