Match day - ANZAC Day 2023

We didn’t lie down at least . Anzac Day.
Just not good enough, yet.

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Solidifies for me why you cannot carry unfit or average skilled players. Phillips, Hepp, Menzies, Stringer, Weiderman, Davey almost all completely useless.

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Dreadful. No desperation. No desire. Pathetic effort in that last qtr.

Solid effort lads. WE ARE ON OUR WAY

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merrett wouldnt hv been the difference

■■■■ you Collingwood. And ■■■■ you our fitness staff. Being able to run out 3/4 of footy is ■■■■■■■ good enough in 2023

What a farking joke our boys are … weak as pizz


we aren’t close. at all.

lots of good in there but we should be extremely wary with our list.

many will never make it.

Heart ripped out


I beg to differ

no matter if pies win, they are still a team with jack ginnivan, and for that, they will always be losers.

Plenty of toy throwing going on.

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Give Anzac Day to Geelong. They can stitch up the maggots.

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They aren’t AFL standard yet, exposes our lack of depth unfortunately

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Must play a whole game. 3/4 is not enough.


Absolute rubbish


I mean fk me, even had we had kept it down our end a bit more earlier on, we still probably would’ve won.
Hobbs did ok though, should’ve been on from the start.

McGrath should be nowhere near the captaincy.

What you’re saying is true but theres no excuse losing from 5 goals up at 3qtr time.
Its just poor attitude and coaching.

Its not like it was a 2 goal game.
They outscored us by 41 points from 3qtr time.
Not acceptable.

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I’m not a huge Weid fan but but are you ■■■■■■■ serious?