Match Day Graph Thread - Bear Market Edition

The margin skyline looks nice until it falls into the sea

Rolling sentiment largely as you’d expect, with some perhaps surprising bursts of positivity at the end


how does anger = positive?

A lot of the angry posts are things like people abusing Basil for being a terrible commentator, so they’re not necessarily negative towards the team. Similarly a lot of negative posts are very angry, but every post is only one thing so I mark them negative. Anger isn’t used to calculate the sentiment at all, it’s more like “here’s how angry people are getting about things that aren’t team performance.” No idea if that’s what DJR originally had in mind.

It’s all terribly scientific.

First game where sentiment has been essentially divorced from the margin?

Though maybe it shows Blitz knew where it was going…

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Yes, “anger” applies to the other team, commentary, umpires, AFL corruption, that the ground was watered down. If it’s directed toward us, it’s a “negative” comment.

I also ignored a bunch of “meta” comments (e.g. “one day I will graph a match day thread”).

But to address the actual complaint, the “anger” line should probably go downwards on the graph, given negative is doing that.