Match Day Thread - Round 12, Essendon v North Melbourne , Sun June 4 2023 @ Marvel

The win vs West Coast last week has been described as ‘professional’. It was comfortable but not without nervous moments. North Melbourne are at a similar position but arguably playing better football.

I’m nervous about this one. Can’t be the only one?

Or are we a different team this year under BDB.


Certainly a danger game, but aren’t they all!? On paper North look quite good, there will be a few key areas that we’ll need to win or at least break even. Hopefully our kicking boots are on because it might come down to who can take their chances in front of the big sticks. Bombers by 21.


Just win.

Don’t care how we do it - ugly, scrappy or beautiful to watch.

A couple of warning signs heading into this one. I think North are not only due for a win but also a win against us. Hopefully not today.




Dons by 47
Treat these farkers with the disdain they deserve.

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Calm the farm.
We’ll be OK.

BDB will have our boys primed and ready.


I’m not seeing any signs that we’re taking games for granted or getting overconfident, as has happened in this past.
I believe in the onfield leadership of Zerrett.
I have no complaints with Scott at all.
I like the style of football we’re playing.
Our skills are better than they have been. We have way less handballs going to receivers feet and kicks being intercepted.
Oh, and our opponents have an assistant coach running the show. A very experienced one, to be sure, but still.

It’s only eight days since Hawthorn beat St Kilda, so obviously upsets can happen.

But I’m pretty, pretty relaxed about today’s game.


Scores are currently level




I just want to see Stringer get a dubious free kick in the goal square.


Free kick and 50m penalty for a runner being in the centre square at ball up

I get nervous and a bit edgy before every game, this will be no different.

Specifically on our form against lower ranked teams we should win, from watching the Hawks & WCE games, it makes me calmer for this.

There was no real panic, we have been more organized and in control of most of the game. Not saying it couldn’t get away from us today, just that it feels more likely we would regroup and not completely drop our bundle.

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They haven’t beaten us for about 7-8 years. We have the right to be cocky.

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The Klan played in 1st gear against them last week and still won by 6 goals. We’ll be fine.

FYI our highest winning margin against them is 125 points. Just saying.


10 goal loss coming up

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Put your account on it?


My absolute favourite day, timeslot and ground to play one. So many good memories.


Nervous moments? Then the siren rang and the game started. Any nerves were soothed as soon as the action began. Essendon was described as professional, because that is what that performance was. As l mentioned in the review thread, the game was decided by Perkins third unanswered goal, as a contest it was over after 15 minutes, all that was left to decide was the size of the final margin.

You are not alone here. There are plenty of Blitzers who continue to refuse to acknowledge what their senses tell them is unfolding right before their eyes.


“We will get what we deserve.”