Match day thread vs Dees

The Gippsland train is packed and i need a beer.

Cmon Dons get it done!

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Don’t worry bongmist, plenty of beer available.

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Craigieburn line is full of Essendon supporters, hope it’s a good win today


Did i miss something with the bongmist stuff :smiley:

I believe I am sourcing it from the VFL thread last week.
Live chat I think it was.

That was the ■■■■ stealing my blitz jokes and putting them in the chat!

Lol. No worries misty! :grin:

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Huge game

This is going to stick isn’t it :smiley:

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Seymour train full of red and black, spotted one lonely demons supporter

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I’m off to drive a sprintcar, recording the game. Won’t watch til tonight

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Seeing as I can’t carry it on in the now locked Final Team thread, Reboot…

Paddy= Patrick
‘Patty’= Patricia

The unusual exception to this I have seen is that Patrick Mills refers to himself as Patty.

Yet you seem so surprised when people spell it Paddy when referring to Ambrose even when that is the more common practice. Why is this? Lol

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Patrick Ryder was Paddy
Patrick Ambrose is Patty

It’s how it is :grinning:


Want to pound these c*nts into the dirt, I wanna tear them apart and Bellchambers to kick 5.


What time start da game?

Hahaha how can I possibly dare question that logic!?
I won’t rest until I have it confirmed by Mr. Ambrose himself which he prefers!!! :wink:

Paddy. That’s how it has always been. That’s how it is.

But feel free to call him a girls name, … just not to his face :wink:

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Exactly! Thank you!!

However you spell Patdy’s name, it’s amazing what can happen in 12 months. From almost not having a spot in the team to one of the first picked. Will miss him today.